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RIM Explains Why BBM For Other Platforms is NOT On the Road Map

bbm_mastDuring a Q&A session with Mike Kirkup from Research in Motion (RIM) and a panel that included developers from Foursquare, Polar Mobile,Poynt, Wikitude, and a few others RIM touched on the subject of BBM for other platforms. The session was interesting the guys shared their experience of working with the Webworks SDK. It seems RIM is moving in the right direction attracting good developers while empowering the current ones.

One of the key questions that stood out to me was "When is BBM going cross platform or to the PC? Kirkup was straight forward and said that there was no plan or intentions of doing either. The reason being is that BBM is a key to attracting customers to BlackBerry. Another reason is the fact that the infrastructure that runs BBM is internal and taking it outside of RIM’s would be probably a really bad idea. I am not saying it couldn’t happen but i do not see how doing that would benefit them. There are quite a few apps already do that but not as good as BBM. If RIM really wanted to do that it would make more sense to maybe buy one of the 3rd party developers such as live profile or Whatsapp and simply give it access to API’s that would allow others to use that app to send messages to BBM users and vise versa. But I believe BBM needs to stay in-house.

We recorded most of the Q&A session so if you are a developer we encourage you to watch the video. You may find some interesting information on it. If you are interested on hearing about the BBM questions skip to 4 minutes on the video, the video is quite long.


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  1. I am so happy to hear this. I thought all along when hearing the rumors of this possibility that it was a bad idea because BBM is unique to BlackBerry.

  2. Good. Keep BBM where it belongs – on a BlackBerry.

  3. Great plan. RIM needs all the advantages it could get right now. Why would they give up BBM. When I heard this I got light headed. There’s a rumor that this idea was brought up @ a ‘think outside the box’ meeting and Mike L. yelled @ the dude “grab a cardboard box and pack you’re shyt cause you’re DONE!” like Don Draper (Madmen stylie! Lolz)

  4. Hmmm… But its ok for the Playbook to have Android apps and run a strip downversion of Android OS. Kinda strange its not a two way street.

    • Very different. Android OS is non proprietary, which means pretty much anyone can use it. BBM, on the other hand is proprietary.

      • What does that have to do with anything? Its proprietary because RIM makes it that way. Just like RIM is making multi platform BES management is the same way they can make BBM. Available

    • The PlayBook is not running Android OS. It will be using Android’s JVM for apps.

  5. Good. I think BBM is RIM’s iTunes. They need to invest heavily in it and keep it as a BB only offering.

    Gifting, time, apps etc is going to be great since it gives kids and parents a reason to go with BB

  6. Why not just replicate all other phones and call it Blackberry Retro something Obviously with minor changes.

    so the consumers gets to get the features they love on other phones and bbm plus BBM score as then most ppl would be on Blackberry

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