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BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Life Changed with OS 1.0.3? Possible Fixes


Some of you may already know that I cannot help but poke fun at RIM legal when the chance arises. Over the years the user agreements RIM legal has forced us to accept have been getting longer and longer. Now all RIM value added apps have their own like BBM, Facebook, App World, and they usually would take multiple pages to print not to mention the fact that the font is barely legible.

To make matters worse we now have an even more interesting twist on the User Agreement when it comes to the new video chat User Agreement for the BlackBerry PlayBook. In an interesting form of (hopefully accidental) coercion RIM has confirmed that not accepting the BlackBerry PlayBook v1.0.3 OS Video Chat User Agreement causes an issue where the “battery drains faster than normal or the battery level fluctuates irregularly.” The second possible cause for such issues is that RIM has made “some changes to battery parameters” in OS 1.0.3 which can be fixed by discharging and recharging the battery a few times to “retrain” it.

Check out the full details here or below:


After upgrading the BlackBerry PlayBook Software to 1.0.3 then restarting the BlackBerry PlayBook, the battery drains faster than normal or the battery level fluctuates irregularly.


  • BlackBerry PlayBook
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Software 1.0.0 to 1.0.3
  • PR 97674

Cause 1

In BlackBerry PlayBook Software 1.0.3, changes have been made to battery parameters.

Cause 2

The Video Chat application’s User Agreement has not been accepted.

Resolution 1

The BlackBerry PlayBook battery can be retrained by fully discharging and fully recharging the battery a few times.

Resolution 2

On the BlackBerry PlayBook, launch the Video Chat application and accept the User Agreement.

Additional Information

To fully charge the BlackBerry PlayBook, make sure the charging (lightning bolt) icon is no longer displayed in the status bar before disconnecting the power source.

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  1. my battery status start to change after 2 hours, meaning within 2hours my battery is still 100% with wifi on, browsing facebook and other rich flash webpages while music is playing. After update I used my playbook for 12 hours with only 40% less in my battery life

  2. Anyone else confused by this post?

  3. My battery performance is still good after the 1.0.3 update. However, I did launch the video chat app (and accept the agreement) very shortly after installing the update.

    Then again, that app is kinda useless given its current design limitations, and it would have been better if RIM just built (or funded) a Skype client.

    • I must say i agree with you, especially with “a skype client”

    • Ask Verizon, they claimed it, buried it and no body used it.
      The closest RIM has ever had a decent app was through IM+ Shape. You can easily guess where all these went…

      • IM+ Talk is nor RIM’s, it’s Shape Services’.

        Since RIM has so many ties to carriers, it is not so difficult to imagine why they don’t cross the line and bring “calling that your carrier can’t charge you for” to the BlackBerry platform.

        As for Skype… Serves them right doesn’t it? Largest US carrier users VS worldwide users… And they choose Verizon?

  4. RIM give us OoVoO, Yahoo Messenger with voice and video call ability, Skype and Qik. I’m not too crazy about Skype specially since it sucks on the Androids but OoVoO ROCKS on everything even phone portable device to computer plus you can conference call.

  5. Kind of weary to fully discharge the battery… last time did that, it got messed up and couldn’t charge the battery (lots of people had this problem…)

    Had to unbrick it. =\ Haven’t let the battery get low since then……

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