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Quake III Multiplayer Hands On Video on the PlayBook

RIM has been touting the power of the native SDK but it has not been released yet till later this. This SDK will make it extremely easy to port games to the BlackBerry PlayBook. We got a hands on with Quake III which was ported from the original source code. It took the guys from RIM around 4 days to port it over to the BlackBerry PlayBook, and one day to refine all the control settings with a multi touch experience, and a complete 3D gaming experience. Having no experience in Playing Quake III before I quickly was able to learn and use the multi-touch controls on the PlayBook. The best part is that you can play against anybody that has a BlackBerry PlayBook. The guys from RIM said they tested over Wi-Fi around eight devices connected at once and it showed no lag. The demo below was on three different PlayBooks connected over WI-Fi showing the Power of the native SDK an  future possibilities of the device.  Check out the video below where I get owned by the guys from RIM Playing Quake III.


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  1. So you could easily port any linux game, such as pretty much everything that Blizzard has ever done…

  2. So when can we download that from App World? One of my favorite games of all times!

    • Also, could you find out if single player with AI enemies is working and if it is compatible with Q3A on other platforms so you could play against someone on a PC on your local network? Should work unless they had to change the networking protocols for some reason..

  3. That looks awsome. Looks like playbook will kick ass by summer.

  4. Haha glad you guys were more focused on the game than my writing, wrote this really late around 3am after a full day of walking, some drinks. I believe they said you can play against others on pc but would be a lot harder to compete since the mouse on pc is more acurate.

  5. It looks really smooth and responsive. I imagine it might take a bit to get used to the controls. I’m looking forward to see what else gets ported over.

  6. Yeah theretically you could use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, not sure if when it will be availabale but hopefully soon.

  7. Quake looks fantastic – and up to eight players, even on playing on ther pc, wonderful! This is bringing The portable gaming experience to another level.

  8. I’d like to see something newer like Call of Duty, GTA, MLB 2011, Madden 2011, FIFA 2011, Company of Heroes, Command and Conquer 3, Crysis, Assasins Creed, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Gears of War, World in Conflict, Medal of Honor etc…

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