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RIM Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook to All BlackBerry World Attendees!


You heard that right. If you planned made it to the first BlackBerry World conference you will receive a free 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM mentioned at the keynote that they blew past the 6,000 attendee mark so that means they are giving away more than 6,000 PlayBooks! Even Expo Only attendees are getting them! Mike Lazaridis announced it as a way to celebrate the first BlackBerry World and the 10th anniversary of what used to be WES.

Its a pretty smart move for RIM putting a BlackBerry PlayBook in the hands of every attendee at the conference who will be heading back to their office with one it tow. That means BES admins will be putting them on their network and if a company allows you to install apps you can put on BlackBerry bridge and get going out of the box. Pretty sweet deal! Just think about it. 6,000+ BlackBerry PlayBooks at 16GB with a value of $499 that translates into well over 3 million dollars. Great place for RIM to put their marketing budget!

Just look at all those PlayBooks! What amazes me is RIM managed to load them up with OS 1.0.3 for everybody (at least the devices I have seen).

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  1. They can mail me mine…

  2. Ummmm… gosh.. hate to be the math police but thats over 3 million.. not 30 million…

    Cool nonetheless!

  3. Does that include One-day Pass visitors?

  4. Still need to try one of these things… Rarely ever go into the office type retail stores though..

  5. Holy shnikeys! That is awesome!

  6. How I wish I was there…

  7. If you don’t need yours, you can send it to me.

  8. Damn! Why wasn’t this in NY?!!!

    I’d have a better chance.
    Can normal bb users go to these events?

  9. I’m happy for the recipients, and this is a great marketing move by RIM.

    On the other hand, we have anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand developers – many of whom worked quite hard – still waiting for the PlayBook they earned by creating a PB app for app world in accordance with RIM’s offer.

    These are the people that made it so that RIM could boast of 3000+ apps in app store at launch day. Now, three weeks after launch, many of them (if not the majority) still have no idea what their apps run like on the physical devices. Some apps get one star ratings for failing to e ven launch – and those rankings can’t ever get removed even after the developer finally receives his device and fixes the issue.

    Meanwhile, 6000 attendees of bbw all get a playbook.

    Well played RIM, well played indeed.

    • Marc,

      I know the developer community is a close knit one, but, please enlighten me as to how you have verified with the “few hundred to a couple thousand developers” that they have not gotten their PB’s yet.

      Honestly. Just curious.

      Did you email everyone and ask? Do you have a like 500 developers on your BBM? Did you do poll of a sufficient pool of developers to extrapolate to the “few hundred to a couple thousand.”

      Serious honest question.

  10. That’s why the number is so inexact. If you consider an average of 1.25 apps per developer that’s 2000 developers.

    Due to a mistake on an email rim sent to developers we know that there are at least 600 developers – and that 600 represents the subset of all developers who had apps approved but did not post for sale approx one week before the pb launch.

    In a recent email from tmgideas (the promotional firm that is handling dev pb distribution) that they have “thousands” of playbooks to ship and it implied that the highest volume of these would be shipping in the coming week.

    The dev pbs did not *start* shipping until the friday after launch (the day after launch party attendees received them for free)

  11. what about our giveaway here did i miss it ? or have not been sort out ?

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