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Native Email and PIM for BlackBerry PlayBook Demoed!


RIM just showed off the BlackBerry PlayBook native email along with PIM for calendar and contacts. This is native email, calendar, and contacts connected to the RIM NOC through BIS or BES or both! They did not have tasks, notes, and the rest that show up over bridge but they will be coming this summer too. We don’t have more than this summer but its nice to see it live in action!!!

IMG_3420 IMG_3421

IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3424 IMG_3425 IMG_3426 IMG_3427 IMG_3428

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  1. “This is native email, calendar, and contacts connected to the RIM NOC through BIS or BES or both!”
    Wait, what?

    Did I miss something, or did they miss the point? Hopefully this is just what they’ve done so far — because all the noise in the press about lack of email hasn’t been for BIS/BES-based email, it’s been for a basic wifi email client.

    • Sounds like you don’t have blackberry, but the Playbook has third party POP apps out for weeks now…

      Besides BIS supports all the cloud emails services like;
      Yahoo mail
      and other stuff I don’t care about.

      So it’s not an issue… right now my Gmail is going though BIS with email, contacts, and calendar sync’d both to my phone and cloud.

      Love it.. and will love it on my playbook.

      • actually i own several and develop for them besides.

        for you and me the client isn’t needed at all. Bridge is perfect -email without the hassle of managing it in two places.

        No, we were never the ones asking for a native client.

        The people asking don’t have bes/bis to connect to at all. Right now, they have wifi and only wifi. They want an email client for it, one that uses push notification as you can get on the wifi xoom.

        Just because you and I don’t need such a tool doesn’t mean it’s not what others are asking for.
        Frankly i thin


  2. Hmm, I wonder how these native pim apps will interact with the bridged pim apps? Do the native apps delete synchronously like on the bridged apps. Will there be a native BBM app?

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