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Microsoft Bing to be Preferred BlackBerry Search & Maps Provider – Integrated Into OS


My mind is still reeling from this. I thought Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, would only be talking about their upcoming cloud services but it gets weirder. Steve Ballmer got on stage and said that BlackBerry will be using Bing as the default search engine and maps provider for BlackBerrys in the future. It will be integrated deep into the core BlackBerry OS as you can see in these screenshots.

I am not sure what to think of this but let us know in the comments.

IMG_3360 IMG_3338

IMG_3339 IMG_3340 IMG_3341 IMG_3342 IMG_3343 IMG_3344  IMG_3346 IMG_3347 IMG_3348 IMG_3349 IMG_3350 IMG_3351 IMG_3352 IMG_3353 IMG_3354 IMG_3355 IMG_3356 IMG_3358 IMG_3359

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  1. I don’t use bing for a reason… it sucks and they steal results from google

  2. I hope they aren’t looking to replace BB Maps with anything from Microsoft.

  3. I don’t get it! First they announce that android apps will work on the playbook. Then, they call Steve Ballmer on stage to announce the partnership with Microsoft and Bing?! In this tech threesome I seriously doubt that I will stick with BlackBerry on the long run.

  4. I am definitely “pro choice” when it comes to these things. I’m ok with choosing defaults – obviously there’s something in it for RIM. But as long as the user has the ability to choose what is best for him. That will probably be the case with the search but not with the maps. But as long as we are free to download Google Maps instead, that’s fine. I find Bing’s traffic to be more accurate, although covering far less ground. Hey, as an AT&T subscriber, I’m not allowed to use BlackBerry Maps anyway (although I recently found another way around that.)

  5. What do you expect, Google who makes Android will be the preferred search provider for BB?

    Good news that BB get full integration into the MS cloud. Don’t forget BB World combines WES — Enterprise! Don’t think of RIM only as consumer phones. It’s great that MS is on board. BB needs to remain strong in Business and Apple and Android just aren’t there.

  6. Boo! I was afraid of this once I noticed that the beta of BlackBerry Traffic used only Bing. I think this is a big mistake, but I’m sure there are a lot of details behind this we don’t know about. Maybe Google didn’t want to play nice with RIM, and RIM had no choice, but partnering with MS is a big mistake in my opinion.

  7. Boooooooooo!

    This is the reason I left Verizon. As long as we can switch search to Google I will be fine with it though.

    • It says “preferred” search engine. They wouldn’t use this word if it was the only search engine.

      Some of the integration might only be with Bing, but honestly people how much searching do you do on your phone anyhow???

      The real news here is linking up on the cloud and that’s good for RIM.

  8. If this is not customizable, My current BlackBerry will be the last. If I wanted to use Microsoft services I would be using a Windows Mobile handheld. – Android will be my hop next.

    On workstations, BING is the first to get swapped out within the browser, non-negotiable change.

    ” and maps provider”, damns whats that saying about BlackBerry Maps, which personally I did not like when it first came out but has come leaps and bounds of late and I somewhat enjoy at the moment and purposely install now.

  9. I think I would still use google.

  10. Microsoft and Nokia are now partners. Nokia owns Navteq, Navteq has awesome maps (and not just for the USA). Just wait until they implement their map “technology” and data into Bing Maps. I can’t wait and I think it will be a great service.

  11. If they allow to set the default for Google Search and Maps it’s fine with me. If they are better I will use them but I doubt it coming from Microsoft. I already don’t like Bing at all…

  12. Maybe MS is sniffing around Blackberry for buy out… They still don’t have an tablet, and the Playbook looks like the only real option against the Ipad. (Google stuck out with Android 3.0 against the Ipad2)

    But Johnnyb has good point, Bing maps now have full access to NAVTEC maps though Nokia, combine that with the Office cloud announcement, it doesn’t hurt to have some backup when going up against Apple and Google.

  13. I think this shows that RIM sees Google as much more of a threat then Microsoft…

    I don’t mind bing (and it is easy to change), but I really do miss Google maps…

  14. I do not like Bing and hope that we can still use Google Maps…

  15. I don’t like Bing either…never used it but I know a fact…Google is sticking to its guns and keeping it’s maps apps premium for Android only. I’d say that’s why RIM’s doing what they’re doing.
    Do I smell alcohol from my phone??!!!

  16. I wonder if anyone on here really knows what they are talking about. I decided to do a side by side of Bing Maps and Google Maps.

    I put in my own address. The Google map looked better. But then I noticed “Map Apps” on Bing. Some were really cool like restaurants by type, or nearby gas stations. etc.

    It isn’t clear to me that Google Maps are better After all people a map is a map. Its like Saying I don’t like Rand McNally I prefer AAA….

  17. Bing doesn’t do search over SSL and the Playbook doesn’t encrypt anything outside of BES data unless the app implements the security layer, so I’m seeing one more way for personal info to leak…

    And both Bing and Bing Maps are worse that Google’s offering, so there really is no reason to switch for users. RIM is probably just happy to cash in the cheque…

  18. Actually, there are some areas where bing is better than google search.

    1. More pictures of items you are looking for.

    2. The search help system I believe is more useful than google search.

    The only thing is I wished they kept Blackberry apps continued to improve it to include voice search and integrate it with BlackBerry Traffic.

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