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Live @ The BlackBerry World Keynote! LiveBlog

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RIM is set to take the stage soon and we will keep you updated here with the latest and greatest announcements. We know that RIM held a few announcements back yesterday during the press briefing so this could get pretty exciting. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Keep in mind this will be “stream of consciousness” style!

We cannot give you the whole experience here since the presentation will be in both 3D and 2D but we will try to capture it in its glory for you!

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The 3D presentation is already starting to give me a headache.

Mike Lazaridis just took the stage! Its the 10 year anniversary of BlackBerry World (aka WES)

They have a special 3D presentation for us… Mike Lazaridis BELIEVES that we are in a transition to personal mobile computing.

RIM just shared some serious stats

Mike is talking up the BlackBerry PlayBook and its media capabilities “transcending the video camera experience today

The biggest roadblock to wide scale rollouts of tablet was loss of data and so RIM solved that with BlackBerry Bridge. The bridge makes tablet deployment safe for widescale deployment across the enterprise.

Mike is essentially making the sale again for the PlayBook. Its the same speech he has given a few times but the audience is different. Here he is trying to sell it to businesses and carriers.

Doodle Blast was just shown on the stage behind Mike!

Mike just announced that Angry Birds is coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook!!!


Adobe is on stage showing off all of the things they plan on doing and have already done with RIM. There is definitely some patting on the back going around.

Facebook, Adobe, and RIM are really excited to make the Facebook app. They are showing off the app. It was made using Adobe Creative Suite in collaboration between all three companies. Impressive!

There are over 3 million flash developers out there and Mike Lazaridis cannot wait to see what they develop.

Mike Lazaridis is talking BlackBerry Bold 9900 with its keyboard and everything. Nothing new that we did not hear yesterday but angled more to businesses touching on BlackBerry Bridge being built in.

BlackBerry 7 includes great features like layering data with online information kind of like the Wikitude from MobileEasy.

Check out our photostream above from Flickr if you want to see pics from the presentation as they are taken!

Mike is talking super app again but now talking about super apps from the cloud.

Holy crap Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, just took the stage at BlackBerry World.

Bing will be the default search provider and map experience on the BlackBerry… WTF?

There is an expanding partnership that starting this coming holiday season the BlackBerry experience will have Bing integrated deep into the core of the BlackBerry handset. Microsoft sees opportunities in the integration… Seriously what are these guys smoking?

“Making better decisions with Bing on BlackBerry” is their new tagline. Steve things that BlackBerry customers will be excited about these new experiences.

Now Steve is talking some random social graph and geo-spacial graphs and stuff like that. He is now moving on to his most exciting part of the presentation.

Holy @#[email protected] Mike Lazaridis just said that everybody at BlackBerry World will be getting a free BlackBerry PlayBook!

RIM is going to be doing live demos which RIM has never done at a keynote in 10 years.

RIM is showing off the music app by 7 digital

We are getting a sneak peak at an application that is coming soon from Vevo with 2500 video streams. They only have premium only video streams serving billions.

Sadly they put on a Justin Beeber video…

Now they are on to the Podcasts app.

Now we have Mike Kirkup talking about the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform. Foursquare for BlackBerry is getting BBM integration and you can chat inside the Foursquare app based on information from the foursquare app. You can also share your badges over BBM

The Kobo Book Store is also getting social integration like we said before seeing who else talked or reviewed the books you are reading.

It looks like BlackBerry 7 will be the one getting the social platform. I am not sure if that means BBM social integration will only come to BlackBerry 7

The hits keep coming RIM first showed off the Unity 3D video game platform and then went straight into demo that blew my mind. Really gorgeous games that they say took seconds to port over. They have four more games coming this summer.

RIM then showed off the Android player app. It looks beautiful. More on that in the separate post.

RIM then showed off the native PIM, email, contacts, calendar that will be coming to the PlayBook this summer. They mentioned that even though they could not show it they will also be bringing tasks, notes, and the rest of the PIM suite. The email client will also be tied into both BIS and BES.

RIM is talking business enterprise stuff from IBM and CSC that will probably not interest most of you. Lets see what they have left in store.

To end it off we see a sweet steroscopic 3D video demo of a PlayBook media player. They just want users to push the app to be brought to market like the scrapbook app and they will. The app looked sweet and I cannot wait to hook it up on my Samsung 3D tv.

A Facebook executive just took the stage. I am guessing she is talking about the PlayBook app but it will be interesting to see what they are talking about BlackBerry being unique.

She just doesn’t stop talking… People are starting to fall asleep…

OK she finally got off stage. Thats all folks! See you on the flip side!

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  1. Facebook speaker “she just won’t stop talking”. Ronen yur a funny dude man lol

  2. Everybody got a FREE Playbook??!!!!

    C’mon!!! I’m jealous!!!!

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