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BlackBerry PlayBook Ad Shows its Processing Power

RIM has released a second BlackBerry PlayBook ad on their official YouTube Channel. We expected a huge media blitz when the PlayBook launched but it seems like they are taking their time. I have to say the adds are really good, they emphasize the keypoints where the PlayBook outshines the other devices. RIM is is in a giving frenzy they gave a free PlayBook to all BlackBerry World attendees, and I think it is a great strategy to market the device.

Check out the video ad below, I haven’t seen it on TV yet but if it hasn’t am sure it will make it on there soon. Thanks to Tashana, and Kiddo2050 for sending this in.

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  1. LOVE IT. The ground swell i starting. People are seeing it. Mark my words right here, right now, this is the start of the come back.

  2. Agreed. This is BlackBerry catching its big wave back to dominance again.

  3. Lots of negative comments about the 9900 and Blackberry World on other (non blackberry) sites. This might be the beginning but it’s a long road.

    I have noticed that even a very bad review of the 9900 said RIM is waiting on their QNX “super phones” so I think there is still a willingness to come back to BB once they execute on the QNX phones and it does suggest that people are seeing the good in this tablet despite the negative early reviews.

    BTW I’m getting the 9900 and can’t wait! I’m just saying….

    • To true Kiddo. BlackBerry is the Rodney Dangerfield of smartphones – “No respect, no respect.”

      • Haha that’s right. My current thinking, which I posted in the forums was that the Monaco might have been withdrawn from the line up with the idea that it comes out with QNX. If you think about it, the full touchscreen phone is direct competition to all the other glass slabs out there and to come out with OS7 rather than OSQ1 😉 might be an error since reviewers will just say wait this isn’t a QNX phone.

        My strategy would be wait for Apps to build on the Playbook and then launch the QNX Monaco with TAT interface and watch the iPhone die…..

        Wishful thinking on the last part but I think the reviews would be overwhelmingly positive and RIM would have a hit. The Hardware for that phone is sexy as hell and a real stand out compared to other glass slab offerings.

        For keyboard types OS7 is fine IMO.

        • Kiddo. I think there is more truth to what you suggest than you think. The “monaco” has been in a relatively finished state for several or more months and ready for production.

          The fact that there has not been any mass production and combined with NO announcements at BB World suggest they aren’t anywhere near releasing it.

          I believe they can get away with non QNX phones in the Bold/Curve form factor, as, those phones aren’t primarily used for their media capabilities.

          The full touch form factor though, thats what kiddies want for media and thats the Iphone category.

          God I would LOVE to know how much pressure the QNX Smartphone team is under behind closed doors. RIM NEEDS QNX on phones yesterday!

          I wouldn’t be shocked if they are driving that team like slave drivers to get QNX on the Monaco before end of 2011 or very early 2012.

          Remember if they can project the release of the QNX Monaco within 6 months, they will announce it 5-6 months out from release. Look what they did with the Playbook!!

          I believe they would rather have an announcement of the Monaco with QNX and drag it out for 6 months to release like they did with PB, than release a OS 7 Monaco this summer and not be able to talk about a QNX full touch for upwards of another 8 months.

          Remember. If they release OS7 Monaco this summer, they won’t be able to unveil a QNX full touch for at least 8 months from the release of the OS 7 Monaco. They can’t risk ruining OS7 Monaco sales by unveiling QNX full touch phone.

          So if they are aiming to even have a QNX full touch by, lets say, March 1, 2012. That would mean, based on the Playbook model, they would want to announce around.. Sept 1, 2011. Lets say they release OS7 Monaco on July 1, 2011. What are they going to give it a sales window of 2 months!?!?! Not a chance.

          The more I ramble on here, the more I am convincing myself we will NOT see a OS7 Monaco.

          WOW what a rant…..hope it made sense!

  4. Yes I agree, of course 😉

    I am really hoping that as RIM gave Technixion the interface for the tablet. They give TAT the UI for te QNX monaco and just step back.

    I really think the world is waiting for an iPhone competitor (and by this I mean bloggers) if not killer and TAT+QNX+monaco hardware is it.

    Ronen do you read these posts?? What do you think? Just wishful thinking maybe…..

    • Yah Ronen. Any rumblings about this.

      I can understand why you don’t announce the Curve as they traditionally don’t put much fanfair into curve launches.

      I don’t think the curve touch will ever pan out as it doesn’t make sense to me personally to put out a low-end full touch when you haven’t even gotten a high end full touch that is been a success

      Torch 2, still too early, still too close to Torch 1 launch and people are still buying.


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