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Live @ BlackBerry World 2011 – What Do You Expect RIM to Announce?

BLackBerry World

Luis and I arrived in Orlando yesterday and BlackBerry World is already starting on the press end. We all expect some impressive announcements from RIM at their first BlackBerry World conference now that it has been renamed from WES. RIM has a chance to show us what the difference is between the two conferences with new on upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones, the PlayBook, and the enterprise end for both.

I know a bit about what RIM has in store but I thought I would throw it out there. What do you expect RIM to announce this week in Orlando? What would you wish they would announce?

Let us know if you are at the show so we can meet up!

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  1. I hope RIM annouce and release a more stable os for both smartphone and playbook and a drop in playbook price that would be nice.

  2. I expect to see the new BlackBerrys to be announced and BlackBerry 7. Wishful thinking is an update to Theme studio to support Blackberry 7 and PlayBook 🙂

  3. An announcement confirming when the Playbook will be coming to the UK would be nice…

  4. A better OS for those of us who do not always have the latest hardware but remain loyal to blackberry…playbook sold in places other than the US (Latin America) would be nice…

  5. i expect a big update for the playbook and the bold touch, which when you say out of context sounds like an action that might be in bad taste.

    in imaginary land i hope they mention and talk about qnx on phones and a realistic time table or even if these new gen phones will be able to upgrade ton nx on some level

  6. Here’s hoping that they mention moe than one BlackBerry phone the QNX development progress on the phones and as mentioned above a price reduction on the PlayBook that was too competitively priced around the iPad2!

  7. I’m surprised no one mentioned BBM on the Playbook. They should announce native email, calendar, and BBM for the Playbook. That would be huge. I hope they also announce not just the Bold Touch, but also the Torch 2 and Curve Touch. I think it’s just wishful thinking to expect a QNX phone to be announced.

    • @BarracudaBob, not that I don’t agree with you on what you mention, but BBM is available via through Bridge. I believe having a native BBM will require another pin which most don’t want. I would like it if there was an option to sign into BBM thus allowing one to have BBM and then sign on with there pin and passcode. I like that there isn’t a native email app for the whole security front, but a calendar app would be create and once paired allows the option to sync!

  8. @Bob. It may be that the other phones are going straight to QNX. They might figure only the Bold will sell w/o QNX. Hope I’m wrong.

    Skype!!!! BBM video isn’t much good to me since I don’t know many people that own a playbook.

  9. Nutkracker, I agree. A UK release date & pricing.

  10. I hope they release a touch screen bb for Sprint.

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