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BlackBerry OS 7 Not Coming to Older Devices


It sadly makes sense but RIM confirmed it today. BlackBerry OS 7 with its liquid graphics and features are not coming to the BlackBerry devices currently in market. It makes sense since the features like liquid graphics (CPU and GPU based), mobile hotspot, NFC, compass, HD video recording, and more are all features that are dependant on hardware.

Its sad to see the Torch and 9780 already obsolete but once you get your hands on a 9900 with OS 7 you will understand what the Torch and BlackBerry 6 was supposed to be.

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  1. Man that burns… and this OS7 hardware wont get upgraded to QNX ether right? The most recent south park episode comes to mind. You know the one with Erik and his mom and Dr. Phill. “At least they could kiss me first”

  2. Any news on OS 7 lite or a revamped OS 6.1?

    Before the switch from 6.1 to 7 there was a supposed 6.1 lite.. might that be in the pipeline?


  3. thats sad..

  4. Let the bitching begin. I for one am glad they won’t degrade the experience to run on lesser hardware. Kind of does suck a little that my Torch is outdated already but that is the price you pay for gadgets like this.

  5. Awesome!

    A device that was released 8 months ago is now obsolete and will not receive software updates?

    Good RIM, that was the straw that decide me to make the move to Android ASAP.

    • Hope you enjoy it, really. It does nobody good, especially yourself, when you hate a product you decided to pick up.

    • Well, it truly is sad to hear that there is no backward compatibility. Even iOS supported older iPhones. Oh well. People have been whining for years at how RIM is behind. This is a good start.

      Is it true that QNX won’t be supported on OS7 devices? Makes sense too with hardware dependant OSes, but what OS will take priority in support and updates?

    • Android? You’re kidding, right? Most of the android devices don’t even get an update. Really, how many phones have been updated with the 2.3 gingerbread? Very few. Not to mention that 2.3 came out like 5 months ago.

  6. It is a bit of a bummer that I won’t be able to get OS7 on my Torch, but I am still happy with it as is. I do sometimes miss my old Curve keyboard, but it has grown on me.

  7. RIM just continues to fade and fade and fade.

    Its sad to watch another Canadian tech company ride into the sunset.

    • How is two new operating systems and new hardware in the next year or two with consistently good reports considered fading?

      Please elaborate.

      • i will elaborate.
        its bad because people do not like buying expensive products only to be left out within a year not getting a software enhancement.
        this will affect bbs stock price when users begin to consider other phones because of how insulted they feel when they buy bb and then are left out within a year.
        its just bad business practice is all.
        yes its great that they are making minor improvements yearly…but not good when people wont buy. this sort of behavior will have bb the subject of a hostile takeover in no time.

  8. probably not such a bad thing – I would have put it on my 9700 and then complained at how slow it was. Now I won’t be doing that

  9. Older devices like the Torch & latest bold especially deserve some sort of other update like 6.1 or that’s sad.

    I’m gonna be holding to my 9700 & possibly get a PlayBook untill a 4G BlackBerry come out.

  10. I’m pretty sure a lot of people has always understood what the Torch and BlackBerry 6 were supposed to be. They were supposed to be what they did not turn out to be, so people just steered clear of them.

    I think the Torch is nice hardware, but I never, for even a second, got excited about OS 6. It was obviously a dangling carrot to keep people waiting for the real thing, which OS 7 is not either. This announcement sucks because it will make a lot of people postpone their new BlackBerry purchases.

    No, this is not the case of every gadget that becomes obsolete after a while. RIM is different, RIM is obsolete even before their products reach the market. RIM take way too long to launch. This was the quarter when they should have released QNX on the phones ALREADY. By the time they do, competitors will have come up with something that will completely upstage RIM’s QNX. Heck, many could argue that Android does that already.

    Being conservative or old school is one thing, boasting vapor innovation and being always late is a whole ‘nother.

    • Once again I wonder how someone with such negative comments as yours becomes a moderator.

    • Wow you are a moderator, amazing.

    • Seriously? Points like this are so trivial, in my opinion. Android and iOS already do this…. So what? Are Android and iOS found on Blackberry devices?

      What saddens me are the people that feel one company needs to one up the other. If iOS or Android doing better matters so much to you, why bother with a Blackberry?

      • Yes, many people fail to grasp that I don’t criticize the other companies/brands because **I don’t care** about them and their products. I am lashing out at the only company that has the potential to make something that I can respect and enjoy, like I used to, three years ago.

        • And yet you compare RIM to companies that you care nothing about? Like I mentioned, if RIM isn’t good enough for people; it isn’t powerful enough, isn’t cool enough…. Then they need to move on.

          I mean this will all due respect because I truly do respect the individual person’s right to choose a product they prefer.

    • FYI: moderators at BerryReview delete spam, extremely inappropriate comments and otherwise acts of vandalism. Honest opinion has always been very welcome here, no matter how positive or negative, including that of moderators. BerryReview is not on RIM, any vendor or any manufacturer’s payroll, it is a completely independent website.

      • Hey guys that is the purpose of comments. If we all agreed with each other in the comments mindlessly… we would all own iApples. Luc holds RIM to a higher standard. That is his opinion. If you have one that disagrees or have a different view then feel free to prove him wrong. Luc and I have argued for years since BerryReview started. He makes sure I don’t turn into a mindless fanboy and I have to actually prove my points. 🙂
        PS: He also likes to play devils advocate.

        • Agreed. For RIM to truly compete with Iphone, Android phones hardware wise they have cut the cord of their comparatively old hardware.

          As for QNX – the PlayBook is the testing pad for QNX to smooth out all the glitches that they could not afford to do on a smartphone. I’d rather have a smooth, complete QNX powered BlackBerry than some incomplete phone that you have to constantly wait for an update to fix.

          I also think Luciano is entitled to his opinion and for a balanced perspective you have to view the negatives and positives. I believe that RIMM is gathering all their chess pieces to create an outstanding product.

  11. I’m selling my torch, getting a 9700 and wait for 9900

  12. I think complaining is a stupid reaction. OS7 is made for the new devices. If you put it on old phones it probably won’t perform any better than OS 6 so what are you missing really???

    Maybe you want RIM to take the hips out of your old phones and put new Chips in? How about a magnatometer as well?

    And for those waiting for QNX, save money and get a playbook, you’ll find you don’t use your phone much after getting one.

    • RIM should stop, not make OS7, take all of their resources and put it to QNX on a phone. THEN it would be a good idea to have a hardware rev. They are going to burn out their followers.

      Most ironic thing about this all. OS7 will still be java based and suck. I dont care how much they say its going to be fluid and fast.

      Its still lipstick on a pig. They have QNX, it IS the answer to their inability to compete but they MUST get it out the door as fast as they can.

      IF NOT? They become PALM!

      • Its pretty sweet lipstick 🙂 the device flies. They should have done this years ago. Simply double the processor speed as a stop gap. They can’t make qnx the de facto OS yet until the have the infrastructure up for it which they are building around the PlayBook.

      • The problem with this is if they brought QNX out right now, today, what would we hear? NO APPS!!

        To tell you the truth I’d rather have this phone that is snappy and runs nice than a phone with NO APPS!!!

        Others that know better than me have commented that it isn’t the JAVA that makes the OS bad it’s the backwards compatibility, maybe they just said scrap it we need to go for performance.

        • Exactly. They could not do this half baked thing that they are doing for the PlayBook where major features are coming out every few weeks. Like tonight we get BBM video chat. Once the basic groundwork is set things will be perfect for RIM. They will have the connection to the RIM NOC. BES integration. etc…

  13. Well I just upgraded to the 9780 a few weeks ago after the trackpad failed on my 9700. I tried to change the trackpad and nothing changed. I wanted to wait until the new phones came out to upgrade. This phone looks nice but I would rather wait for a QNX phone to come out.

  14. I’m only new to the world of bb & had a chance of an I phone but turned that down in favor of a Blackberry …much more class. Are all Blackberry’s going down the route of being obsolete in favor of the new os7?

  15. Not sure if this is your first BB or first cell phone. Basically every cellphone you buy is obsolete within six month of buying it so I wouldn’t worry about it much. People on blogs like this tend to over obsess about it.

    BB is no worse than every other cell phone maker o this point, and certainly not as bad as android. With so much competition in that space your phone is obsolete almost the day you buy it.

  16. Google Nexus has updates years after released so Enthusiast, you’re wrong in that assumption. Of course some are not even updated once.

    I don’t want new big features but the ones I have to work properly and be improved.

  17. Thats totally unfair. It hurts to know that your device is already obsolete. RIM must release lite version of OS 7 for atleast 9780 and 9800 Torch and other models released last summer.

  18. I don’t really care that my device isn’t getting os 7. Neither should you guys.
    Obviously Blackberry OS 7 requires a lot more hardware specs than what the Torch and 9780 have. After all, the 9780 is just another bold 9700 except a bit more memory. Torch has exact same specs as 9780 except for the touch and slide mechanism.
    Face it, if the new Bold 9900 has all those powerful hardware specs, what makes you think OS 7 is going to run excellent on a device with half the processing power and not enough RAM? I’ll tell you, it’s not going to. Then, you guys would be complaining because of how slow it is.
    Look how crappy OS 6 runs on the Torch. What makes you think OS 7 will make it better?

    I just get annoyed that people love their devices so much until they find out they won’t get a new software update, then it’s all of a sudden the phone is a P.O.S. Technology gets outdated as soon as you buy it, because there’s always something new coming out everyday. Keep that in mind.

  19. I disagree with kellmike626, Apple has shown that making hardware right the first time does allow for it to have software upgrades. Its understood that the 3G doesn’t run 4.x as well as the 4G but it still runs it. Hell the non 3G even runs 4.x just without multitasking.

    I think what people are upset with and maybe dont even know is that RIM is making all these phones without the hardware it really needs. Every time the release a new phone we think “finally they are catching up” then we buy it, then less then a year later we find out that they didnt get it right again.

    Its this endless loop that people are getting upset with. I have owned 7 models of blackberries. The last 5 all in the hops they were the device that would get us closer to a modern phone like iOS or Android.

    Its just not that hard when you arent using JAVA!!!

  20. kellmike626, you’re missing the point. We’re not happy with our devices and we want them to work better. There are many issues with OS6 that need to be fixed so having no more updates it’s bad.

    We don’t want OS7 features, we want OS6 to work well and perform.

  21. Well said DonGato.

  22. I loved my blackberry 9800 but needed to go to andriod for a few reasons

    1. No HDMI mini
    2. when talking the mute button will be activated by hitting it with part of your face.
    3. the hardware lock is too easy to push in and ends up getting pushed in your pocket.
    4. No voip software that works good
    5. no 4G

    I know there are work arounds for 2 and 3 but alot of times there would still be a few bugs in the third party software.

  23. This makes me really mad. I mean, why does blackberry have to do this, all it does is make all the other devices blackberry has ever made, worthless.

  24. Oh so apple gave the ipod 1 and iphone 1 updates until last year and my htc hero is running android 2.2 fuck you rim never buying another bb again

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