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RIM Leaks the BlackBerry Bold Touch on

Watermarked02110429201906We were expecting to hear the announcement for the BlackBerry Bold  Touch next week at BlackBerry World but it looks like somebody over at RIM accidentally made the page live. BGR managed to snap some screenshots before the page was taken down. As you might be able to see from the images RIM is calling this new device “A bold step ahead, the new touch BlackBerry Bold”.  The device is supposed to launch with the new branded BlackBerry 7.  RIM is promising quite a few improvements with this new devices that it will be much better than BlackBerry 6. It is funny lately the leaks have been coming straight from RIM themselves not from other sources.

Source and Images: BGR

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  1. I agree that its pretty funny leaks are directly from the company.

  2. god damn that phone looks nice. its funny, with the playbook i have lost a lot of interest in browsing on the torch. i think i will go back to the bold

    • That may be a big part of the business case for the Playbook. The conventional screen+keyboard format leaves you with a screen that is a little too small compared to the glass slab competition. But paired with a PB, a “normal” BB no longer needs to have a max-size screen, and becomes more attractive.

      • 100% agree. The PB is truly portable. I actually take it places like restaurants and meetings. I don’t look like a douche when I bust it out. Its perfect.

        I am more and more a believer in the 7 inch tablet. Even at home I use my laptop about 50% less even though it has the bigger screen.

        • Bingo!!! This is precisely what RIM wanted. A truly PORTABLE device… unlike the iPud, iPod… I mean iPad! I like the latest TV ad as it shows the PlayBook coming out of a coat pocket: portability at its best!

          I’m glad you’re loving it!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this phone!

  4. As a Bold user this Excellent news

  5. New touch bold looks awesome. Looking forward to getting one. It’s gonna be the best BlackBerry smartphone ever!

  6. I didn’t think FB was released for playbook, yet it shows in screenshot.

  7. I just confirmed with RIM and ATT that my Bold 9700 has defective hardware and it needs replacement (don’t get me started on OS 6). Oddly I’m eligible for an upgrade so I’m holding up for the new Bold touch.

  8. I’m still wondering if this will be the only new phone announced. Is the Torch 2 still on track? What about the Curve Touch?

    • I think these will follow in a few months. I really hope the new Touch Bold arrives with in a month or two.

    • Honestly, I think the Torch looks really dated. It never really did look “futuristic” I own one but even when I bought it I though it looked older that the original iPhone, and not as nice as the 9700, I just wanted the touch screen.

      I hope they keep a slider (although I’m moving to the Bold touch) but redo it to make it look cooler. If they could make it look like the Monaco but slide out a bold 9700 keyboard I might think twice.

  9. Does anyone know what liquid graphics means? I guess we’ll know tomorrow, but I am curious.

    • This is just a joke..
      Maybe they spilled some beer thinking it overnight and the images looked better!!
      I don’t know man…hahaha

    • Since RIM is touting OpenGL ES, hardware accelerated graphics, and an OS with very low latency (<1%), the term "liquid graphics" appears to be associated with the very smooth texture of the graphics.

      I imagine this can be manifested in many ways: a moving background, flowing foreground elements, etc.

      If you've seen the gnome GUI on Linux, you'll see how the windows can move very fluidly.

      We have seen what TAT can do; with a faster processor, OpenGL, and hardware accelerated graphics, these new devices will have a GUI that stands out.

      Hope to see some real demos of the new smartphones at BlackBerry World!

  10. liking it….

  11. I’ve held onto my Sprint premier upgrade since LAST June 2010, and I’ve been waiting for a device worthy of succeding my Curve 8330…well I’ve found it for sure in the Bold Touch 9930, which I am HOPING will be released late May-early June…c’mon Sprint! Get this device ASAP!!!

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