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GeeReader Free Google Reader App for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Finally! EPI-USE Africa Pty Ltd has released GeeReader today which is a sweet Google Reader app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It does not seem to cache articles for offline reading but it offers a sweet interface for Google Reader. It lets you login to your Google Reader account and view all your articles. The only things I found missing were the ability to add a new feed and share the item on Twitter or Facebook.

IMG_00000312 IMG_00000314

The app lets you click on any article in Google Reader and it opens up a smaller view showing the article. Once the window opens if you like to make it full screen simply tap the blue bar at the top.

IMG_00000315 IMG_00000316

Until then this is THE app to have on your PlayBook if you don’t want to use Google Reader in the browser. You can check it out at this link in App World or simply search for GeeReader.

IMG_00000308 IMG_00000309 IMG_00000310 IMG_00000311

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  1. I’m getting unknown error when I attempt to sign in 🙁

    • #1 support is awesome
      #2 i #fail because i forgot that i have google’s 2 step authorization enabled
      #3 now that im in im stuck on loading.

  2. Not sure about the cause of the problem mscooley. I downloaded, no problems, nice clean interface, haven’t come across any bugs, but it does have room for improvement still. For example, clicking on an article opens up a new window on top of the app but there is no option to maximize the window to full screen size. Minor complaint, I’d give it a solid 3/5 stars.

    • With the help of GeeReader’s support, we figured out the problem with being stuck at loading (green spinning wheel). Are any of you who are experiencing this problem following blogs via Blogger? Are those blogs showing up on Google Reader when viewed in the browser? If so, try this:

      Make a list of the sites you’re following in Blogger.

      Unfollow the sites in the Blogger dashboard:

      Add the list of sites to Google Reader online.

      Close GeeReader and reopen.

      I was able to get my feeds to load after doing this.

      Actually it kinda makes sense to have all of your feeds in Google Reader and not shared/bridged to Blogger Follow anyway because when you export/import from Google Reader it DOES NOT include the ones followed via Blogger.

  3. To confirm what Ronen mentioned, I have not found a way to add new feeds from within the app and as for sharing, if you open an article, there is a “share” button but I can’t figure out what is happening when you click that button as nothing is prompted, email, facebook or twitter.

    One thing I’m glad to see the developer incorporate was new feeds only or all feeds and also the capability of marking all feeds read. Good app, can’t wait for updates.

  4. if it cached for offline use, it would be great. as it is… seems better to just use the google app/site itself with these limitations.

  5. A Free Google Reader that’s cool

  6. unfortunately, once i sign in nothing shows up. the little refreshing symbols just keep spinning:(

  7. Good find. I figured out how to make em full screen but nothing about the Share button. This is the best Google Reader I’ve tried for the PlayBook yet.

  8. ok I only have one gripe. Can you not view the full article somewhere? What i mean is you cannot view the source article (the full version)

  9. Don’t think I can trust this client. The background process on my playbook has increased tenfold since I installed this client. Checking my router logs to see where the traffic is going..

    • Hi BigB. I’m the developer of GeeReader. I can assure you that only traffic is between your Playbook and the Google Reader servers. If you find otherwise please let me know (our support email address in listed on the GeeReader product page in AppWorld).
      I cant explain the increase in your background processing but I’ll do some testing around this to see if there is anything to fix.

  10. I can’t get any details of post in detail window. Only see post title.

    No blogger feeds. Anyone seen this or have any ideas.

    • Scott this is usually related to how the feeds are parsed or burned on the website’s side. For example, I have feeds that do the same thing whether in Snaptu, GeeReader, or Google Reader online.

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