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BlackBerry PlayBook Apps Can Be Extracted From Backup Files?

BlackBerry PlayBook Apps Exposed2

One of our readers, John, let us know about a thread on the official BlackBerry support forums discussing the ability to extract BlackBerry PlayBook application binaries from backup files. This all started from a thread on CrackBerry forums by HaTaX pointing out how he managed to do it for DoodleBlast and PeopleOnMyLawn. It turns out that the BlackBerry PlayBook backup files in *.bbb format are simply zip files that can be extracted. It not only contains a backup of your data but also the applications you have installed.

BlackBerry PlayBook Apps Exposed 

HaTaX managed to pull out the SWF (Flash) binaries and posted them up:

I don’t think that developers are going to be too happy about this though it is something that users can already do with BlackBerry smartphone application files. The difference is that SWF files can usually be decompiled into their parts with numerous tools available online. Let us know what else you find.

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  1. I didn’t even have time to send this over as a tip after posting my screenshot before you had it online – your fingers must have been a blur!

  2. I just hope this doesn’t cause devs to avoid the platform

    • Not at all. Have you seen other platforms? Both ios and android make it super easy to steal apps. Better yet they both even have app stores dedicated to stolen apps!

    • It will scare some off, but ultimately it’s no worse than the other platforms. Just disappointing — even though the same thing is possible for BB phones, and there would be no reason to expect otherwise. (Nor was there any promise otherwise from RIM.)

  3. Let’s hope this doesn’t cause them to change how the backup files work.

  4. Just a question since I don’t have a playbook now, with these up, are we able to install the extracted apps into our playbook? 😡

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