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BlackBerry PlayBook Application UI Design Guidelines

BlackBerr PalYbook Design guidelines1

I have been working on a few BlackBerry PlayBook applications over the last few weeks. A friend of mind pointed out to me that RIM published up their customary development guidelines for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This guide details how RIM thinks application developers should design their user interface and the different factors they should have in mind for ease of use. These guides are critical since I cannot count how many times developers have tried going against the grain. The BlackBerry World Conference app is a perfect example using the equivalent of a mouse pointer for navigation.

RIM produced a pretty solid guide and I recommend checking it out if you are working on a BlackBerry app. What is truly fun in then flipping back to the PlayBook applications currently available and seeing how they stack up.

Check out the BlackBerry PlayBook UI Design Guide at this link

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  1. One thing I recommend – I don’t think I recall it in the guide – is to ALWAYS handle the menu swipe down event. Webworks or AIR.

    It gives a very inconsistent user experience right now – some apps handle it, some don’t. Even RIM’s own apps don’t handle it in all cases (bridge, app world) and it’s frustrating – every time you run an app, you can’t rely on it. You have to try it and see; or else figure out whatever alternative method the developer put in place.

    • I totally agree.

      While it is understandable that not all independent developers will have this already it should be used in AppWorld, and Need for Speed should be using it instead of the unintuitive two finger swipe thing it has going on…

  2. You mention the Blackberry World app…. is there a Playbook version that has been released?

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