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Big Red Stabs PlayBook in the Heart?


We have had several of our readers comment and let us know that the issue, and only with some people, is that Verizon started blocking (as in it worked before and not today) bridge access via Bluetooth. Many of the commenters below say that this cannot happen and I am unsure. We are bringing you the information we receive as we receive it. If you ARE having these difficulties over Bridge, pleas let us know at [email protected]


We have been getting some reports from Verizon Wireless BlackBerry users who have been using their new PlayBook’s bridge function to access network resources from the playbook. Well it looks at though Big Red was not too fond of this idea and has decided to put a stop to tethering.

I am hoping that this is not true, and won’t be able to verify for myself until later on tonight, but if anyone has any experience on this please let us know in the comments or in the forums. This could be a real blow to the PlayBook if carriers decide that they have a responsibility to milk even more money out of us just to use the base functionality of our device.

Do they really expect everyone to pay for data on a BB AND a seperate connection for a tablet? Come on Verizon.





















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  1. not the least bit surprised.
    And I suspect ALL big USA carriers will go this way, as they have ALL moved to block BlackBerry tethering in general.

  2. Is that for sure the Bridge Browser and not the default browser being used while tethering?

  3. Simon– No its not for sure. We received this as a tip and I am unable to verify for another 5 hours. If anyone else can credit or disprove this we would appreciate it!

  4. not that bridge browser ever worked very well, but that being said, everything still works with nothing blocked. if you try to “internet tether” with out a tethering plan of course it doesnt work.. but the bridge functions all work as they normally have. the error messages and things pictured above all occur when you try to use internet tethering without an internet tethering plan.

  5. What am hearing is that the bridge browser still works for some but tethering is the part that’s is blocked.

  6. there is no way, absolutely no way any cellular company can block bridging. Remembering Bridge is just mimicking whats on your blackberry. you just feeding off the regular voice and data that comes through your blackberry. tethering is another story. As people who are on verizon and At&t know tethering is using data and nothing else, so of course that can be blocked.

    Anyway i just ran a test with my co-workers bold 9650 and it all worked. Was able to get on Facebook, CNN, and Berryreview with no problem.

  7. the screen shots are from someone tethering and not Bridging

  8. I’m with Edwin from what I read there is no way the phone company can tell. If they could AT&T would release the bridge app.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the tipster was and Apple or a Droid boy trying to throw cold water on a great playbook feature.

    And btw AT&T this will be rarely used since you can get wifi practically anywhere nowadays, so release the damn app and stop looking so bad. What you do is useless since we AT&T customers already have the bridge by other means anyhow.

  9. Mine works fine still. You can’t open the normal browser you have to go to the bridge tab and use Bridge Browser to go on the internet. If you get that Verizon screen you opened the normal browser or paired your phone to Internet tethering.

    First make sure your blackberry is only paired in the Blackberry Bridge, you don’t want your phone showing up under Tethering in the options. Next make sure you are using the Bridge Browser and not the normal browser. Should work fine i’m on mine right now.

  10. I can only speak for myself, but, BlackBerry Bridge, on both my Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 and BlackBerry Bold 9650 is running just as slow as it ever was.

    The Bridge Browser, for me, is so slow that it practically unusable, however, this has been the case since day one…

    • You have to remember Verizon Network is very slow, sorry to be the first to tell you. you can’t compare GSM to CDMA, GSM will always win.

      On the tet i did today on my co-workers 9550 on Verizon i was able to load the pages i mentioned before cellular speeds lol. The speed was fine to me.

      In all RIM has to work on the bridge app itself and make it as fast as tethering is, in my opinion.

      • I don’t think CDMA vs. GSM has anything to do with the speed at all. I actually have a tethering plan on my devices and can regularly get 1.3 to 1.9 megabit download speeds when tethered to my laptop… Not blazing speed by any stretch of the imagination, but, that is more than twice the speed of the bluetooth which maxes out at 720Kb.

  11. Ok so two things:
    1. Yes, tethering can be blocked and does use a different network path than normal data services (on 3G and 4G networks).
    2. Yes, service providers can tell which service you are using because of my first point. In fact, design around billing/rating is based on such differentiation.

    In the beginning of 3G networks, the companies did not care because not many people exploited this and the billing/rating platforms they had really were not built around such things.

    Today, now that ppl are exploiting these things, the carriers are taking actions in order to be ablee to get more money out of you. This is not an assumption on my part but a fact as I have been in the industry for 10+ years.

    Now, some of the carriers are still “behind the times” in regards to catching you or getting money from it but beware, it is coming.

    Of course there are always work arounds ….easy ones at that…to prevent getting charged for this. 🙂

    • Exactly. The “Big 4” already have terms in the contract you signed that say you won’t tether without paying for tethering. Violate and you could owe back charges and fines.

    • the bridge app is the best way to get rid of the tethering plan rim just need to make it better in my opinion. im replying right now with the bridge, no need for tethering.

  12. ridiculous. F*cking ridiculous

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