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The Apps I would Like To See On the PlayBook

IMG_00000037_thumb1Until the native SDK is releases for the PlayBook developers are limited in some areas to make applications but there are some good tools out here already. There is quite a few applications on the PlayBook already but some of the ones that I tend to use the most are still missing. The PlayBook  has a lot going for it, the browser is awesome, the functionality including docs to go, adobe reader, I use those on a daily basis. So here is my wish list of PlayBook Apps:


  • Native Twitter app
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • TeleNav
  • Native RSS reader
  • A update to Adobe (with support for protected files)
  • SugarSync
  • TeamViewer
  • Qik for video chat
  • SocialScope
  • Amazon
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook, BBM, we know that eventually this apps will make it there.

Those are just some of the one that I though of while writing this post, but feel free to mention what else you like to see added on the comments below.

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  1. Your list pretty much covers it. I’m gussing this all does come down to the native SDK, can anyone tell us why this would be delayed coming out? I assume EA sports already had it, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Also on adobe, I need to be able to make notes on those pdfs and save them!! I will pay for it, i.e., some form of adobe professional for the playbook!
    More Mags and Newspapers com on NYT the app for the laptop is Adobe Air!

  2. The Native RSS feed is good one, would really like that as I used it on my phone alot.

    But RIM needs to deal with Kobo App. It’s just sucks… bad! Slow and buggy, had to restart a few times now. Make the playbook look really bad.

    BTW, where is that “FRONT RUNNER” app from TAT!

  3. It doesn’t come down to releasing an SDK, it comes down to sales. None of those 3rd parties will commit resources to developing for the Playbook unless RIM moves product. Lots of product.

    • That’s a good point randy, I was told by sugarsync that once demand has increased they will develop an app. Went told my local bestbuy and they said is the second best seller next to the iPdad since launch day. Everyone I had playing with the PlayBook have said they will likely buy one.

      • I hope they sell the help out of them because that drives innovation, but my local Best Buy isn’t selling a lot of them as of yesterday. It’s also been rejected by people that I know as incomplete, people that make decisions for companies.

        RIM can’t screw this up.

    • Where you are wrong is that there is little doubt this will sell, but developers, especially big brand name ones, want to develop a good app so having the playbook and a native SDK is important.

      Playbook is on track to sell 500,000 units in RIM’s first quarter Out of the 50 million BB owners it’s safe to say a couple of million are blackberry loyalists (probably a lot more) so I see little uncertainty that this is a viable platform to develop for.

  4. TeamViewer, LogMeIn, CrossLoop, GoToMyPC, and GoToMeeting would enable me to support clients when I am away from a PC. I’d also love to see NetFlix, Google Voice, and OverDrive Media Console (for ebooks).

  5. Netflix, and where the @#$! is the Kindle app that Amazon announced in September? I decided to go ahead and lock myself in to Amazon’s format on the basis of that announcement — but as of now, I have a lot of money invested in books that I can only view on my Torch or desktop. (Or my Xoom, which my wife seems to have stolen… but it’s too big for that anyway…)

    I guess worst case, we can hope they resubmit their Android app to App World in the summer…

  6. Yes, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Qik, Netflix, Hulu, and GarageBand (or something like it for doing multi-track recordings!). This is a dual-core platform — it should demonstrate all the power of what this baby can do!

  7. The built-in RSS reader on blackberry are just inadequate, I hope they do something about it and quick.

  8. I’m still waiting for the Playbook here. But I would want to see a good RSS reader, an app similar to MapMyRide. Skype would be cool. And one that I use all the time on my berry is your Berry review app.

  9. I agree with many of the comments on Kobo. I have over 500 e-pub books I own that I can not load on the Playbook. Android has a handfull of good e-pub readers. Hopefully some of these will come over soon. Otherwise, I have to keep carrying my rooted Nook Color.

  10. Add to the list:
    A eBook reader that permits side-loaded drm-free books

  11. Dropbox
    Filescout or an app to unzip things
    Photobucket app or an image editor
    Splash ID, Splash Money
    UPS app
    Youversion or a bible app from Olive Tree or Noah Beiks
    Swipe or some program to lock your PB with a pattern swipe
    Angry Farm
    Quicklaunch w/ a swipe (ok, i’m stretching here ,but i’d like to use a combo of swipes or specific swipes to launch an app or function. Like holding the bezel and making an O will launch an app)
    Remote print or something that lets us print from the PB via WIFI or BT

  12. My wish list 🙂 :

    Google Talk with video
    Gmail client
    TuneIn Radio
    Synology client (also on the Blackberry smartphone)

  13. Looking at all these post all the major apps that I am looking for is suggested.

  14. I would like to see the following:

    Universal Search (Voice Option)

    A drop down box that shows all notifications.

    Integrated super apps like Pagence.

    More high quality games: pinball etc.

    More audio/text eBook readers.

    Functional apps like ShortcutMe/Quicklaunch.

    • Forgot

      BBM Universal video chat

      Native apps ASAP. In addition, they should upgrade the BlackBerry Bridge where you can use the Blackberrry apps off your phone, while on the bridge

  15. is there a kindle app? i would really like it if bb app world had an online version for the playbook.

  16. I want 1password. Intergrated with the native web browser would be awesome. Currently mobile 1password on other tablets has a built in browser. You can copy and paste passwords into other browsers but I want the desktop experience .

  17. I would like to see RexWireless ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix

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