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MemoryUp Professional. 10 Free Copies to be Won!


I’m not sure what the HD championship award is, but MemoryUp Pro has won it 3 years in a row for best phone tool. I’ve been trying out the Pro version for a couple of weeks and I’m not quite convinced this app is all its cracked up to be…HD champion or not.

I was confused as to what the total memory in the app was referring to and what was better about the pro ($16.99 regular price) version and the personal (free) version. Did anyone actually buy the pro version for $17?

I’ve learned that the Total Memory in MemoryUp is actually referring to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) within your existing RAM. But I’m still confused. Why is the free memory in the JVM (55MB) so much larger than my total free app memory (19MB)? It’s very likely that I’m missing something, but that just doesn’t sound right to me.

Here is what I found out about differences between the personal and pro versions. MemoryUp Personal is 100% freeware, and MemoryUp Pro is an enhanced edition of MemoryUp Personal.

The add-on features for MemoryUp Pro include:
1. Auto-boost (in the background) and Start-up boost functions
2. Low memory alert and Auto-fix function
3. Smartphone system crash protection
4. Set performance targets with Basic and Advanced settings
5. System information and Boost log
6. One year’s free upgrade

We have 10 free copies courtesy of eMobiStudio, of MemoryUp Professional to give away to our lucky readers! Basically I would like all of the winners to try out the personal version first, install the pro version, and report back here with your findings about differences. Volunteers? Leave a comment! OR

Get MemoryUp Pro right now for  only $8.99 at the BerryReview Store! OR

Get Memory Up Personal for free at the BerryReview Store.

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  1. The memory that it shows is different from the one that is shown in Application Management…
    What memory does the app show?…

  2. Ooo I want! 😀

  3. Ok. No more comment needed…

  4. Sure, why not. I would give it a try.

  5. will i be lucky reader… volunteering =)

  6. Count me in.

  7. I am in!

  8. I’ve tried the personal, still got it installed. Can’t say that i’ve notice much difference in performance. But with the memory leak on my 9700 running os6, who knows.
    It would be interesting to see what the pro version does

  9. do it work for all Blackberries?

  10. imbutooooooooooo!!

  11. Excelent app, very usefull to keep my phone running fast, thanks BerryReview

  12. Woooh I wish to have one too

  13. Nice App i´ll like to have it.

  14. Good luck one and all. I would take a copy myself.

  15. Tried the free version before – didn’t notice a differance – willing to give it another go – in major memory leak land at the mo – 6.0 on 9700

  16. I don’t believe in such apps… however if they are free it doesn’t hurt!

  17. Excellent app!
    My 97 works well with memoryup-professional!

  18. I hope I get a copy so I can test it on my 97

  19. I reallly want this app!

  20. I can give it a shot and compare on my Torch.

  21. I’ll like to win one :)

  22. I’d like to try out this app… I hope I get a free copy

  23. What an app can’t wait to have one. Thanks

  24. I’ll give it a go. I am very tired of my BB (9700) randomly resetting in the middle of doing something, especially a phone call! As we all know it takes forever and a day for a BB to reboot from a hard reset. I have even thought of downgrading to OS5 it is so disturbing.

    Anyway, I’d certainly do as you have asked and report back whether it works or not for me.

  25. A free app is always nice.

  26. Trying it out. Sign me up for Pro too.

  27. sweet app

  28. Why isn’t the built in memory cleaner good enough as is?

  29. Need memory booster to keep my memory neat and clean.

  30. i dip my finger….

  31. please

  32. Has anyone had a free copy?

    Does it seem to make any difference to your phone?

    • I haven’t received a free copy. And the free version doesn’t do much at all. Most of the time I reclaims much less than a MB for me…

  33. Same here, the most I’ve seen is 1.5MB from the free version.

  34. I really like what you are saying, and are glad I found your website. Please keep it up. I was recommended this website by my Friends. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else knows such detailed about my problem. You’re incredible! Thanks!

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