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How YOU can help bring DropBox to the Playbook

Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.In the last few days since the PlayBook has been in my hot little hands, I have adopted it into my personal and professional life. I would have thought, with the SDK for the PlayBook being released months ago, that we would have seen a swath of popular apps on the release date. My hopes shall we say were shattered. Yes there are some great apps out there, and yes I know that there are more coming, but come on people. Amazon and Netflix should have had clients for their services out regardless of what they thought that the market would do with the PlayBook. My microwave can even stream Netflix movies!!

However there is one app that I have really been missing, as I also have an iPad, and that is DropBox. The ability for me to access my entire dropbox “filesystem” on the iPad makes up for several of the devices shortcomings, but why, after dropbox saw this, would they not produce something for the PlayBook? One thing that DropBox does is to allow users to vote on features they would like to see. There is already an item set up for the PlayBook, and about 450 people have requested it as of the time this is being written.

Lets show them what the BerryReview Army is capable of! Follow the link below (it will ask you to login to DropBox) and vote for a native PlayBook App.

If enough of our loyal readers vote on this, perhaps we can send a strong enough message!

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  1. Judging by the fact that dropbox is already on most if not all major platform, it’s probably safe to say that a playbook version is already in the cards.

  2. Yes, I would hope that the DropBox folks have this in the works, but it never hurts to light a little fire under them so to speak!

    I had 6 votes to spare and all went to this!

  3. SugarSync already said they will have a PlayBook app. I think they have a better solution than DropBox.

  4. Good call BR. I used all my current votes on this baby, which I’m sure would be made either way. But maybe now it’ll be 1/10,000 of a second sooner! 😉

  5. I hope they don’t. Dropbox is crap. They changed their terms to say they they can remove the security at will. I want a platform where I have the keys and the security. There is no security in dropbox.

  6. There is a dropbox client app for playbook already in Appworld. It is called BlueBox. Give it a try.

  7. John, trust me, I have tried BlueBox and it sucks. Buggy as hell, not verified by DropBox as official or even acknowledged. We want a native client for our PlayBooks! Not just a crappy app that someone with a few minutes and the SDK threw up (pun intended) onto AppWorld.

  8. Well, given the fact that the Playbook is not as secure as it was advertised, I guess Dropbox wouldn’t hurt…

    • Hi @ofutur,

      Alex from RIM here. I’m interested to learn more about your security concerns.

      PlayBook delivers an experience that IT and security administrators can deploy with confidence. As a standalone device, PlayBook provides secure VPN access, just like a laptop, giving you access to enterprise data and applications using its built-in Wi-Fi connection. It also supports a laundry list of cryptographic algorithms, codes, protocols and APIs (you can find more information on them here:

      I hope this is helpful.

      Alex, RIM Social Media Team

      • Hello Alex,
        According to this document:

        if I don’t use BES, my data is not encrypted. It’s not better than an iPad and worse than a Honeycomb tablet.
        I’m very disappointed by that, because file system encryption is one of the reasons I use a BB and I wanted a Playbook.
        So consumers and small businesses that rely on standards like IMAP, SyncML and Activesync don’t deserve privacy and security in RIM’s eyes?

        It’s fine to have all these encryption schemes (PGP is missing), other platforms have them too (maybe not all of them), but each app is responsible to implement the security layer and in the case of a file backups system, it doesn’t help because the service will just copy the files it finds in the file system.

        As for VPNs, BBs can’t connect to servers using OpenVPN, only a handful of manufacturers are supported. Is the Playbook any different?



  9. My concern is not that the playbook is not a good platform, it is that dropbox has a policy listed in their terms that says they will remove their encryption by request from law enforcement. They originally sold themselves as a more secure platform.

    My feeling is if there are limited resources there are many apps I would like to see on the playbook. Noteably google maps, our groceries, bbm, podtrapper, bb news feeds, linkedin, and bb travel.

    As for security Oliver, there is no native e-mail app currently on playbook so no e-mail is stored on it so no IMAP, not SyncML no Activesync. That will change once they have a native app, but that is for a different day.

    The only files really one the playbook are media files pics, video, pdf and such. Mail only shows up when I’m on the bridge and I use both BIS and BES (I have 2 BBs, one personal, one business) and those mails are never stored on the playbook at all.

  10. @mole – regarding Dropbox, that was my original point. Dropbox fails at security, so it doesn’t really matter if it comes to the Playbook.

    My statement regarding mail standards was a way of saying that not everybody is using BES and that doesn’t mean that our tablets should not be encrypted. I’m all for information segregation, but not based on the technology we use, but rather on the use-cases and policies.

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