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How To Change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry PlayBook

Change BlackBerry PlayBook Balckberry ID

When you first setup a BlackBerry PlayBook it asks you to register with a BlackBerry ID and then ties the whole PlayBook to that BlackBerry ID. I was actually asked last week by a user how to change this and had no idea other than wiping the device. Turns out that is what RIM proposes for you to do in their latest knowledge base article. I am guessing this is because they assume all the data on the device is associated with that BlackBerry ID and needs to be removed… The only other caveats are that all installed applications including the preloaded Need for Speed and Tetris applications will also be removed and have to be reinstalled.

Check out the knowledge base article on how to change the BlackBerry ID associated with a BlackBerry PlayBook below or at this link

When setting up the BlackBerry® PlayBook tablet, a BlackBerry ID is required to activate the tablet. This allows seamless access to a variety of BlackBerry® products and services such as the BlackBerry App World storefront.

Once this account has been configured during the initial setup, all activities on the BlackBerry tablet will be authenticated to that BlackBerry ID. If another BlackBerry ID is entered after the initial setup, the following message will be displayed:

In order to change the BlackBerry ID that has been activated to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on initial setup, a security wipe will need to be performed. To accomplish this, complete the steps below.

NOTE: Before performing a security wipe of the BlackBerry tablet, be advised of the following:

  • A security wipe of the BlackBerry tablet will remove any downloaded applications and media (Including pictures/video taken on the BlackBerry tablet or transferred via a PC)
    • To transfer media and documents saved on a BlackBerry PlayBook to a PC before a security wipe, see KB26068.
  • Applications purchased through BlackBerry App World on the BlackBerry tablet will still be associated to the BlackBerry ID they were purchased from but will be removed from the BlackBerry tablet upon a security wipe.
    • These purchased applications can be reinstalled through BlackBerry App World at a later time. Under the Uninstalled tab, tap the Reinstall button next to the application to reload
  • Any configuration changes made to the BlackBerry tablet (Including Bluetooth pairing information, settings changes, etc.) will be reset to defaults after a security wipe is performed
  • Depending on the amount of data stored and the capacity of the BlackBerry tablet (16 GB/32 GB/64 GB), the security wipe may take longer than expected. Ensure that the BlackBerry tablet is plugged into the power outlet to prevent power loss during the security wipe
  • After a security wipe, Tetris® and Need For Speed™ Undercover will be removed from the BlackBerry tablet. To reinstall these applications, complete the following:
    1. Open BlackBerry App World on the BlackBerry tablet
    2. Tap into the Search field
    3. Type EA Tetris and tap Return on the keyboard (Type EA Undercover to locate Need For Speed Undercover)
    4. Tap the Tetris for PlayBook icon (Should indicate the price is FREE)
    5. Tap Download 

To perform a security wipe of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, complete the following:

  1. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the Options menu
  2. Tap Security from the listing on the left
  3. Enter blackberry to confirm the security wipe, then tap Wipe Data
  4. The BlackBerry PlayBook will then reset
  5. Once the PlayBook restarts, the initial setup process will be presented. Complete these steps and enter the correct BlackBerry ID when prompted.
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  1. I wonder if this came up because of me. Probably not but I needed this information because I have two playbooks (I always planned togibe one as a gift) but i made the mistake of putting my BBID into both and now appworld doesn’t work properly on the second one which is the one I want to keep since it has more GB.

    RIM told me today that the solution is to do a full reinstall of the OS on the first one and then check that i habe full access on the second one. If not I jabe to do a full reinstall on the second one as well 🙁

    I think I’m going to wait until Saturday to do it.

  2. This doesn’t exactly feel like the best way to go about implementing this…

  3. Yes, they also told me it could take up to 3 hours to get the tablet back again. 🙁

    I really can’t see it taking that long since I don’t have that much on it yet, but it will be a scary 3 hour wait.

    I think I’ll have to drive somewhere otherwise i’ll go crazy wating for it.

    It seems like someone at RIM should be able to kick the tablet off of a BBID but I guess that’s RIM’s hand-off way, which I guess is better than Apple tracking me wherever I go.

  4. Oh, I have a question after reading this. Can I just make up a BBID once I’ve wipped the first tablet? It’s been so long since I created my BBID I was just wondering if you can make anything up.

  5. Okay I can see this step for BES users, but come on. If you have more than 1 person in your household and you all have BlackBerry’s and any could travel seperately, then that’s gonna be an issue. Don’t understand that move.

  6. I can see that for paid apps they want them on just one unit, but it does seem like there should be a central system where I can log in with my BBID and kick off my old playbook or phone.

    Must be some technical reason I can’t do that.

  7. Hi, i was wondering if anyone new how to change the pin on the playbook? i have a bb bold and it has a pin for bbmessenger as do all blackberry’s. Now i know the playbook is still to come out with bbm, but when they do, will the bbm on the playbook sync to my bold and inherit the pin from my bold along with all the contacts? or will i have to setup all my contacts individually again on my playbook as a seperate pin; as in request all my contacts again? Please help 🙂

  8. Probably no one is reading this posting anymore but in case someone happens upon it..

    Today my AppWorld is working and I didn’t do anything! 🙂

    To Muj, I think a PIN is unique you can’t change it. I think you’ve asked the million dollar question. No really, I think RIM is spending millions of dollars to come up with a system where messenger is tied to a BBID rather than a PIN.

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