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What Are Your Favorite PlayBook Apps?

IMG_00000037The PlayBook has been on the Market almost a week now and at launch the application selection was not a lot. Just like any new platform it take time. Critics may put the PlayBook down for the lack of apps? and I say to them be realistic did you expect them to just materialize into the app store? With any new Platform the app developers will slowly adopt it and start building over time.  None of the other tablets had hundreds of apps available at launch but they were build as people began to adopt the Platform. Since launch day I have noticed that App World has had more apps added every day. It is hard to tell how many apps are available since  RIM has not added app count by category yet, but the selection seems to increase steadily as apps get approved. Some of my favorite apps have even seen updates to them already since launch day.

So what are your favorite applications so far, it can include native apps that were created by RIM?

Here are my favorites so far in no particular order



Air Hockey

Need for speed


Weather and WeatherEye HD


News 360

Crazy Gems 2

Adobe Reader

and last but probably My favorite the browser with Flash Player for streaming media and browsing.

I am sure there are quite a few more out there and have not had the time to check them all out but figure we ask you to list some of your favorites?

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  1. I like the News 360 app.

  2. who needs apps, it has full full web!!!!……………ahhhhhhh……… sorry….. still dealing with Jimbo’s mind control

  3. The browser and slacker. Can’t wait until we get more and better apps.

  4. The critics are too quick to put down the PlayBook and forget this is a new OS for BlackBerry. With TAT and Adobe flash to work with however, the apps should be arriving in no time.

  5. Coffee Order
    The Huffington Post
    BlueBox (Dropbox client)
    Assembler Mobile 2
    Air Hockey Gold (paid)
    Compass (paid)
    eBooks by Kobo

    • Oh and Poynt! How could I forget point. Version 1.0.5 works great with GPS

    • Hi @Nikolaus Walch,

      Alex from RIM here. Like others in the stream, you’ve listed some of my favorite PlayBook apps. Here are a few others you should check out over at BlackBerry App World (

      – Blockheads – An addictive game that helps me get through meetings (sorry boss)
      – Tweedless – A great Twitter app for PlayBook
      – FourPlay – Brings the awesome foursquare experience to PlayBook

      As @rmccool and others point out, PlayBook’s browser, which supports millions of media-rich Flash and HTML5 sites, adds to the experience. And the BlackBerry Tablet OS allows for true multitasking, meaning multiple browser windows and apps running simultaneously is no problem.

      Alex, RIM Social Media Team

      • Hi Alex

        It would be great if RIM would put up a website that has links to other sites with great HTML 5 and flash games. I know there are a lot of sites with the latter but which ones work best with the playbook.

        This would also go along way to combat the perception that there is a lack of games and also show how valuable the browser is.


      • Alex, can you suggest to RIM that they create a category in the online App World for playbook apps? I like to browse apps from there as well and not just from my playbook and there is no way to sort playbook apps from device apps.

  6. Need for Speed – it was too short, but a lot of fun.

    Lonely Turret – excellent tower defender that’s not your ordinary tower defender… (and not nearly as simple as it seems in the earl levels)

    Doodle Blast – very well done game, I eagerly await more levels.

    Cetalyk Lite (okay, that one’s not published yet – but it will be this week 🙂 )


    Air Hockey – this one is almost perfect. Problem is that the longer I play, the more frequently I have problems where it doesn’t recognize my finger movement. That’s why I haven’t gotten the Gold version.

    In the business/productivity front – tried out many and while some have promise… most are crap. I’ll wait a while before giving feedback, hoping that as developers get their devices in-hand we’ll start seeing improvements and better apps.

    • Yeah agreed can’t see bugs and other things on apps without having a PlayBook to test. You guys should also checkout Circle flow game entertaining nice graphics.

  7. I’m not a gamer but NFS rocks! I really like the Globe and Mail app and hope that it will be a cue for US newspaper to come out in this form.

    • Does the globe and mail app do email or is just the name have not seen it yet. ?

      • It’s a Canadian newspaper 🙂 but it has a very nice layout and some international news. It’s a quality paper, I suggest everyone who reads this to get this app. You will see how nice reading a news paper on the PB can be.

  8. My 2 apps that I like but Playbook doesn’t have is Twitter and Facebook.

    The other feature that I like that doesn’t work is the BlackBerry Bridge with my 9800 Torch.

    I am very disappointed that I returned my Playbook back to Staples until BlackBerry fixes their OS to work with their other products .

    • I am able to bridge 9800 + PlayBook. Make sure that you do a battery pull after installing the bridge onto the device, for some reason a soft reset was not enough for me. Some folks have reported luck by clearing their MAP options under bluetooth as well though for most I’ve talked to the battery pull seems to do it.

      I believe there are at least two free twitter clients, though I am not sure about facebook (if not, I doubt one is long in coming)

      The question is: did you really return (or even have) a playbook or are you just trolling?

      • I was able to bridge them together once I went back to my Rogers Authorized OS but then the next day it was useless, I have been on the phone with BB Support since Tuesday (Launch Day) and they cannot even figure out the problem, so until it is completely resolved I will wait until at least the summer when they release a 3G version.

        Until then I will use my iPad2 🙁

        • I haven’t had any bridge issues: Using a BlackBerry Torch 9800 unlocked on T-mobile running EDGE with BES/password on both BlackBerry and PlayBook E-mail and BES browsing works. Bridge tethering works too. I installed my bridge app using the pc browser install method.

          • I tried it all. Still no luck, when i connect my Bold 9700 it connects instantly. Torch on my end is a no go.

            By the way Luis, you have a great site and I hope you don’t mind that I post your articles on my blog.

  9. can you please try downloadable flash games [swf] if those games can work in playbook. Because I have so many flash games and i want to play those games in my playbook when my unit arrive.

  10. guys, angry bird is available in flash version so if you want, give it a try. I’ll try to search the link for it.

  11. Best Apps:
    FrontRunner is great!
    Assembler Mobile

  12. Best Games!
    Pixel Legions
    Asteroid Blast

    I emailed the developer for asteroid blast because multi touch was not working. They have an update, but I guess it has to get approved in app world or something. it works great except for that.

  13. If you subscribe to Reader’s Digest (or even if you don’t), the RD app is really well done and is great for showing off the playbook display, lots of color and pictures.

  14. Poynt
    the video recorder (awesome)
    Sling Golf

  15. The best so far: The native browser

    Other good stuff I’ve seen: NFS, Poynt and Air Hockey

    My most wanted: A file manager and USB host mode support

  16. The browser is really the killer app on the device. It would be great if the Playbook would allow me to create short cuts to web sites in the application list that would launch a dedicated instance of the browser for that site. This would enable me to launch a Google Reader browser or a Twitter browser that would function independent of the standard browser. This is similar to the approach the Google has taken on Chrome with application short cuts (IE 9 does this as well). This approach would really support the “you don’t need an app because the browser is so good” message from RIM.

  17. Here are my favorite apps so far:

    The Browser – by far the best of any tablet on the market.

    The keyboard – see the Browser comment.

    Need for Speed – fantastic game play.

    BlackBerry Bridge: Access your internet and files on the go.

    Calculator app: great UI and functionality.

    Word to go Documents: Very functional and user friendly.

    Media Player: Love the ability to swipe down to see what’s currently playing, when your in another app.

    Wish list app: Universal Search and the Pinball Delux modified for the PlayBook.

  18. easily the best app i have seen is POYNT. When my wife or kids wants to go somewhere to eat, i ask them what they feel like….type in that word(such as mexican or italian) and it tells me what ones are around me. I can sometimes even reserve a table at some restaurants. Also i hear i will be able to call right through that app….is this true? If so, this really is a SUPER APP

    • Yes, I read in the Poynt newsletter that in the newest Poynt version, when you press on the call link, it will dial through your BlackBerry if it is bridged. Pretty cool huh!

  19. RIM really needs to get some GOOD high quality games such as MLB 2011, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Company of Heroes etc… They need to blow Apple out of the water and be different. Also, some good High quality Apps, not the crap they got now. They really need a FB, OoVoO, Skype, Fring, BBM with Voice and video calls and Yahoo Messenger with voice and video calls (High Definition video calls). They need to stand out from the rest.

  20. wishlist apps: Rexwireless IdeaMatrix and ToDoMatrix

  21. My Favorite Apps:

    ATP Live Connection: A tennis fan’s dream. Now, they just need a WTA one as well.

    DoodleBlast: More levels please. Oh, I saw one online with a bit of sound here and there. I would like that to be added as well.

    Air Hockey: Great game. However, as others have pointed out, it loses track of your finger at times.

    News 360: For a first version, it is almost perfect. Just a few tweaks needed.

    Visitor: Pretty short, but very interesting game.

    Sliding Puzzle: Great time waster.

    Tip Calculator: This is within the calculator application, but it is very useful and well done.

    Poynt: Awes, wait for it, some!

    The Browser and Bridge: A few glitches here and there. Nevertheless, both of these features rock!

  22. For me, here they are:
    (in no particular order)

    Front Runner
    WM Wallet
    Reader’s Digest
    The Physics Toy

  23. My favourite app is MindMaps. I wrote about it recently in a blog post and NO, I am not the author of the tool or have any affiliation with them.

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