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The Playbook Cameras

The Playbook’s rear camera packs 5MP punch. Below are some test shots in different lighting situations. As you can see it takes some pretty clear shots, but performs a little under my satisfaction level in indoor low light settings (to be fair, most cameras have issues in that light setting). Also, to be even fairer, the iPad2’s cameras are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse.

The camera settings can be accessed in the above pull-down menu.

Outdoor shot with completely natural light

Taken at a Starbucks with natural light from all directions.

My BerryReview home office. A good shot taken with natural sunlight indoors.

Indoor shots in low light settings do not have the best results. But in that situation, you may just want to take out a real camera anyway.





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  1. Any device with an accessory camera is really only for show and tell not for saving and memories and that kinda stuff if you as me.
    SLR has always been my favorite and to take good shots in the dark, you need a very high ISO setting and a very wide aperture opening, say 1.8 or so!!!
    This is..good, and I won’t ask RIM for more. Besides, this specialty is Nokia’s….

  2. They all have that grainy look that I got on my first sony write-badly-compressed-jpg-to-floppy camera fourteen years ago.

    I had been thinking that my device camera was defective since I’d been hearing such good things about it – but these godawful pictures confirm my own findings.

    That said, I never intended to use it for its cameras and am still not sure why the hell you’d want one (except front-facing, for obvious reasons)

  3. What a nice desk you have. I like!

  4. That second picture has got to be Riverside Drive.

  5. lol, blackberry one…. maybe the Playbook 2 (dual core 2 ghz processor- hopefully) would be a bit better

  6. lol,that second picture has got tu be Drive.

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