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First BlackBerry PlayBook Commercial Airs

We have been waiting to see RIM launch an ad campaign for the BlackBerry PlayBook and today we get to see the first step.  We speculated for quite a while when we would first see them and we were hopping for an add blitz on launch day and nada. Finally a week after launch date we have the first one. Check out the video below.

Thanks to Tashana for the tip.

Source: N4BB

and CBикони на светци

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  1. Lol. Even now they’re playing it safe.

  2. Think you left Playbook out of the title 😉

  3. Well it’s about time!!

  4. Why would anyone be surprised? It wasn’t really until the last 6 or so months that commercials for BBM started coming out. BBM’s been a mainstay on the platform for years!

  5. Saw on

    • ohh just seen it on TNT commercial…..commercial during nba playoffs, its not superbowl but it’s better than nothing… it me or does it have that apple-esque “look what i can do” feel to it??

  6. Finally! Liking the slogan: Portable, Powerful, PlayBook. Now they need to crank out the commercials showcasing there Word Documents, Weather, Calculator, BlackBerry Bridge etc. apps, to showcase the functionality and Need for Speed, Tetris and other games to showcase the play aspect. Good job RIMM!

  7. A good start. I think they are playing to its strengths – portable and powerful. Now they need to stress Flash and all the other stuff you can do with it that you can’t with the competition – however, they should not mention that others can’t. Simply show off what it can do and lets others make the comparison.

  8. I think word of mouth on this device is going to be the most valuable advertising. I have been showing off my PB and almost everyone is blown away by it and thinks it kicks the Ipad 2’s ass.

    In the end it will speak for itself

  9. where was this 2 weeks ago?…

  10. Powerful. Portable. PlayBook.
    I like it. Seems like it should have been out a little earlier though.

  11. The last section says that screen images are simulated. That confuses me, as the PB really is as fast/sharp/smooth as it appears in the video; perhaps the transition between browser tabs was fudged to look prettier (I think it dissolved instead of just switching), but that was all that seemed simulated to me. .

  12. Nice commercial and i like it. I wish RIM would have showed what it could do to help moms organize their days, what teens would like about it, etc.

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