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BlackBerry Touch Monza Coming to T-Mobile June 29th?

Back in February we reported that T-mobile was planning on releasing a storm like BlackBerry and today Tmonews is reporting that internal rummors have a release date of June 29th. This lines up quite nicely with what we been told. The first time we heard about this was when T-mobile held an event to promote BlackBerry devices among the employees. I heard that T-mobile wanted to release it sooner but with RIM sometimes dates can get pushed back. We have also been told that T-mobile will be releasing the Bold Touch or whichever name it releases on. The announcement will be at BlackBerry World next week. It’s not surprising to hear this rummors now that we are closer to the event. I just wish RIM would release them right after the announcement instead of having us wait so long.

Source: Tmonews

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  1. I hope the Bridge feud with AT&T doesn’t delay release of the Bold Touch by them, but honestly after the Bridge debacle I think I’m going to leave AT&T…

  2. Hmm just read that pic “Do a double take” campaign sounds pretty interesting. To me it suggests RIM is pretty confident to 6.1

  3. What does AT&T care if you bridge your PlayBook? They’re still getting you with bandwidth charges over your allocated 500 MB/month. I don’t get it. They should be encouraging users to use more bandwidth so they can collect more $$$. Users will have to opt for larger data plans — a win-win for AT&T I would think.

    All they’re doing now is alienating their subscribers.

    I’d like to see that Storm 3 and Bold Touch in May!!! June 29th is still over 2 months away.

  4. I hope the Monaco is not exclusive to Verizon and comes to Sprint. I’m now using Android as I wanted a touchscreen device but I miss a lot of features on my BB. The Monaco will definitely get me to come back to BB.

  5. It’s nice to see the “carrier walls” start to come down. It looks like the exclusivity agreements are no longer in force for the Bold (AT&T) and the Storm (Verizon), since we are apparently going to see their next-gen replacements available for T-Mobile. It certainly has been long enough. It’s possible that the Torch 2 might still be an AT&T exclusive, since that is relatively recent, but I welcome the Bold/Storm form factors’ availability on other US carriers.

    • Huh? The Bold line was never AT&T exclusive, only the 9000 model itself. 9650 + 9700 were both launched under the bold name on multiple US carriers (aka all of them, considering the 9650 was the CDMA counterpart to the 9700).

      Meanwhile the Torch is still exclusive and most all of the other releases are business as usual.

      Not much of anything has changed…

      • While there have been other phones with the Bold name, none of them are the same phone as AT&T’s Bold 9000. This should be apparent if you ever held the 9000 in your hand. The 9600 and 9700 series phones are sized like my Curve 8900, much smaller than the 9000. The 9000 remains unique in having a larger keyboard than any other BB, and a bigger screen than all other traditional nontouch BBs. So all this time AT&T hogged the flagship keyboard BBs while Verizon hogged the flagship pure touchscreen BBs. All this is changing with the new Bold and Monza.

  6. apple has ‘push back’ dates too… y am i gettin so defencive wit RIM these days?

  7. Please bring the Touch 9870 to Tmo

  8. It’s looking like mid to late August for the Bold Touch, and fall or winter for everything else.

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