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BlackBerry PlayBook Drop Test By Square Trade

Just like any other major mobile electronic it is bound to be dropped accidentally or on purpose. The guys over at Square Trade have tested the durability of the BlackBerry PlayBook on a concrete surface.  The PlayBook actually receives less damage than I expected on the first drop. The second drop is pretty brutal.  Check out the video below. Compare to another drop test I found online for the iPad the PlayBook does better on the drop test. From a really low altitude the iPad cracks right away on the second video below.

SquareTrade is offering 2 free warranty just head over to the YouTube video at this link. This is their contest not ours, you can ask them what else you want to see dropped in the YouTube video comments and the winner will be announced April 25th.

PlayBook Drop Test

iPad Drop Test




Source: CB & SquareTrade

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  1. Playbook>Ipad

  2. That’s why it pays to get a proper protective covering. That video hurt just watching it, ouch!

  3. I agree with DPR and dan. Ouch. Even to see the iPad, a galaxy tab, or any device dropped. Sucks to see good tech wasted, but it’s good to know what could happen if you aren’t careful.

  4. Wow those iPads look really big! 😀

  5. i couldnt watch the videos.. lol dont want to see how its all this wasted

  6. WTF? I felt the rumbles of that drop echoing in my stomach. I’ve been carrying around the PlayBook with and without the case and not once was I ever feeling like it would slip away from me and I’m just about as Clark Kent as they get!

  7. I wasn’t pleased to see the Playbook crack, but at least it took a lot more to do that then to break the iPad.


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