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BlackBerry World Conference Mobile Guide App Released

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Just like they do for every BlackBerry conference RIM has released a mobile guide for BlackBerry World 2011. They tapped unknown developer, The Active Network, to develop the app for them following RIM’s tradition to choose a new developer for each conference app. While the BlackBerry World Conference Mobile Guide app is free and looks nice it has one critical flaw. It is riddled with bugs… Also who’s idea was it to implement a “mouse” based navigation control on a BlackBerry app? On a side note a BlackBerry PlayBook version of the app will be coming out by the start of the conference.

According to RIM the app features:

  • Easy way for attendees to look up the full breakout session catalog, keynote speakers, community speakers, read up on conference sponsors plus create their own schedule before getting to the event
  • Includes Event Messages and social channels for BlackBerry World
  • Onsite tool to fill out surveys, review conference maps, connect with other people attending the conference and find nearby attractions and restaurants in Orlando FL
  • Automatic updates to attendees of schedule changes, and synchronize with their conference calendar in the My Scheduler tool on their desktop

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Hopefully they get the bugs ironed out before launch but it makes me wonder how RIM testing house let this one fly through. Hopefully RIM is cracking some heads to fix the app before the event.

You can download the BlackBerry World Mobile Guide in App World at this link

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  1. yesterday I downloaded this app and couldn’t believe that this should be an official BlackBerry Conference App.

    I’m always fighting for BlackBerry in discussions and like to demonstrate the Apps I developed with BlackBerry Java OS 5 + 6. So I know that BlackBerry Java has the power to develop good looking Apps, performing well and providing excellent user experience.

    Last year there was so much talk about BlackBerry SuperApps and I expected a real SuperApp, but was shocked about the poor quality of this:

    * every time I started the APP, I had to wait 2-3 min before data was downloaded – seems that much traffic thru network happens. This is an international conference, so traffic should be minimum – would be better to cache data.
    * tried working off-line and switched off WIFI and network. then I got a white screen, no message, two not working buttons
    * on Torch if you rotate from portrait to landscape, the list wasn’t resized and so there’s some space on the screen. Even more worse if starting in landscape and rotate to portrait, then some parts are hidden
    * scrolling through the lists, the actual selected line wasn’t highlighted – instead you have to scroll and then navigate the ‘mouse’-like-cursor the line you want to get the details from
    * there’s no menu and no OS 6 – PopUpMenu – but UI guidelines prefer to provide a menu for available options from screen
    * if you try to bookmark without being logged-in there’s a ‘dialog’ with one button, but hitting the trackpad doesn’t work – you have to navigate to the button or trying to tap the very small button
    * some screens have some buttons as options to select, but the height of the button is too small to tap easy from Touchscreen

    …this was the result of only 5 minutes testing before spending zero stars 😉

    this is an international conference and always getting much data through network can cause expensive roaming. would be better to cache the initial data and to use Push Services to push changes of room, session, speaker etc. – of course with the option for the user to pause/stop receiving or only receiving if WIFI is available.

    so not only the UI has a bad feeling – the architecture of the App seems also not to be optimal.

    what a chance:
    THE worldwide BlackBerry conference where the mobile guide could be a great opportunity to demonstrate state-of-the-art applications on BlackBerry.
    I know: using actual Java OS really great APPs could be build where user’s get a WOW effect and RIM could be proud of.

    sorry – I couldn’t resist to write this lengthy answer after reading the article – hope it didn’t sound too negative – this wasn’t my goal – the opposite is true: only wanted to say that there could be much better conference app written.

  2. im agree with you mate.

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