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Updated: BlackBerry PlayBook Screenshots Don’t Work When Bridge Enabled (BES)

Update: It looks like this may be limited to BES enabled BlackBerry devices. Alex pointed out to me that BIS BlackBerrys without a BES activation can take screenshots in Bridge mode. That is a real shame for me since all my devices are on a BES…

BlackBerry PlayBook Music Controls

I have been really trying to do a review of the BlackBerry PlayBook in Bridge mode but it looks like RIM snuck in another “Security Feature” into the device. Whenever the BlackBerry PlayBook is bridged with a BlackBerry smartphone the screenshot function we told you about before does not work. I spoke to a few friends at RIM and they confirmed this is a “Security Feature” though an annoying one at that. You cannot even take a screenshot of any other app not related to the bridge when the bridge is live.

Let me know if you figured out a way around it other than using a camera!

On a side note RIM also published a knowledgebase article titled “Files stored to the internal memory of the PlayBook cannot be attached to a message after pairing with BlackBerry Bridge” though on my PlayBook I found I can attach BlackBerry PlayBook files using the bridge…

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  1. I can take screen shots while in bridge, maybe it’s just BES users?

  2. may be a bug,

  3. That’s just wrong. Most people on BES travel and if they have an error or issue, there isn’t an IT person readily available. So how can you get a screenshot and get support. Hopefully, they will fix that

  4. Actually this would be correct for a BES Bridge.Until IT Policies are exanded, this will probably be locked until then. It makes perfect sense to not allow this for security reasons.

  5. Umm.. Really not a big deal. You switch bridge off, take the screenshot, then switch bridge back on again.

    Unless you’re trying to take a screenshot of a Bridge Application – in which case you simply can’t – due to security reasons. It makes perfect sense. If you’re taking screenshots of emails etc, it’s leaving that information open to security issues.

    If you want to take a screenshot of an app, or webpage, or whatever – just turn off bridge for a sec and take the shot. Easy.

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