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Winners of the @BlackBerry #PlayBookHaiku Contest Announced Today! 10 PlayBooks to be Won!


Last week the twittersphere was overloaded with terrible haikus from desperate nerds (like myself) trying to win one of 10 16GB BlackBerry PlayBooks.

I think my entries were pretty awesome but considering #PlayBookHaiku was the top worldwide trend for a while, my chances of winning are pretty slim. I actually debated whether or not I should post this article and remind you that round 2 will be starting next week. Maybe you’ll all still forget by Monday when the contest opens up again.

Today is the day where the 10 winners of the first round are revealed! Here’s what it says in the official rules:

“Winners will be announced on the @BlackBerry Twitter page.  To claim your prize, look for your Twitter username on the @BlackBerry Twitter page on Thursday, April 21st, 2011… If you see your username identified as an eligible Winner, @BlackBerry will contact you via Twitter direct message and you will be asked provide complete contact information (full name, email address and mailing address).”

Did any of the BerryReview faithful win? Let us know! Also, keep reading for some of my awesome haiku submissions…

Multitask with ease, Present and browse for answers, Easy promotion

Beware the PlayBook, Ultra efficient tablet, Brand new addiction

Seven inches flat, Portability is king, Take it anywhere

Stereo HD, Multimedia titan, Competition crushed

PlayBook in pocket, The take anywhere tablet, Won’t leave home without

Unobscene gestures, Allow slick navigation, But watch out for trees

I know, I know, those are terrible. What were your best entries?

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  1. Hoping, really hopping to win, hope I win

  2. Here are a couple I was reasonably pleased with:

    soft LCD glow / beckons like silver moonlight / PlayBook in my dream

    here, watch this slideshow / while I watch some Youtube vids / HDMI win

    This one isn’t very good, but it amused me because of the triple-meaning I crammed into it:

    BB quality / QNX, HDMI / tri-winning today

  3. I can only pray… this is pretty much my last chance a a PB contest.. and cant afford one as im saving for my wedding 🙁

  4. Yes I entered a couple times… Will be interesting to see the winning entries.
    From Mountain tops cry
    Blackberry Playbook Gold Standard
    No other dare compare

  5. I think my best submission was:

    Blackberry PlayBook
    Professional grade tablet
    Yet it’s still quite fun

    Can’t wait to see if RIM likes it as much as I do.

  6. Here’s another I think might stand a chance:

    Browsing on PlayBook
    The full web experience
    Never looked so cool

  7. My English is very poor!
    But I want to win a playbook too!

  8. So did anybody here win? I didn’t. The contest here is pretty much my last hope of getting one.

  9. I’m one of the haiku winners! I haven’t won anything in a very very long time but this totally makes up for it! 🙂

  10. Won the PlayBookDC contest, but was unable to drive down to claim the prize (it was my daughter’s birthday that day..)

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