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Stock Playbook Apps: Weather

Its funny that one of the main complaints about the Playbook in relation to the iPad is apps. Because when it comes to the stock preloaded apps, RIM provided some slick apps that are missing from the preloaded iPad experience.

The Playbook weather app is a great example. This is  no brainer. I check the weather multiple times a day. A weather app is a must have. But there is no weather app on the iPad. RIM had some common sense. But they didnt just provide a stupid weather for a few days app. The Playbook weather app is simple, pretty and packed with features. It automatically detects where you are and by default shows you the weather in your area, no setup required. Want to know the hourly forecast? no problem either, one button at the bottom.

People say RIM has lost its way and havent figured out that users want a simple and pretty user experience. But if the stock Playbook apps are any indicator of where RIM is going, the future for RIM is bright.

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  1. Do agree that the weather app is pretty nice, but the one glaring omission from it is that it provides no view of the Doppler Radar for your area.. That is really a must have, in my opinion, for an decent weather app. We even have a GPS device internal, so we can pinpoint our location on the map..

    Come on, RIM, get us an update with radar maps!!

    • It doesn’t have that through the Maps button. True it just opens the browser and I agree it would be nice to be built in in an update but my guess is accuweather wants you to go to their web page.

      Maybe just figure out a away they can import the ad as well as the map, that should make accuweather happy.

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    look at the list, if you will rank each tablet in the market, Playbook is Number 1 in almost every categories above except for apps, but RIM is building apps for playbook,

    • And even more importantly, RIM is providing lots of ways for the rest of the world to develop apps for the Playbook.. It will get there, no doubt..

  3. On board with you. Very nice app.

  4. Indeed, here’s what the PlayBook offers out of the box, that the IPad 2 doesn’t:

    (1.) A weather app.
    (2.) A quality/full featured calculator app.
    (3.) Full suite Word to Go suite Documents (retail $44 for IPad 2)
    (4.) 2 high quality games – Need for Speed Undercover and Tetris (total retail $4.98 for IPad 2).
    (5.) The Playbook also comes with a carrying pouch and cleaning cloth as well as a charger, while the IPad 2 only comes with a basic charge cable.

    I guess Apple wants you to pay for those things.

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