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BlackBerry PlayBook MicroHDMI Cables Cheap at Amazon

 HDMI Cable Micro

I tried my local RadioShack and BestBuy and didn’t have much luck picking up a MicroHDMI cable for my BlackBerry PlayBook. RadioShack was sold out of them but wanted $29.99+tax for them when they were back in stock. BestBuy only had MiniHDMI cables which are not compatible.

Thus I went in search for cheaper options on Amazon. It was nice to see that there are quite a few options from Amazon at sub $10 prices! They range up to the latest v1.4 cables with Ethernet, 3D, Audio Return and more but other than 3D I think most of those features are not going to help much on your PlayBook.

Here are some of the options I found:

This one was also interesting since it let you use any length HDMI cable you already have lying around:

Let me know if you spot better deals in the comments!

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  1. Looks to me like Best Buy dropped the ball, considering they were the “official” retailer for RIM. I went to the NYC store on 43rd on 4/19 and went to my local store today, 2 days after release and I was bothered by several things (same story both stores)…

    1) tablets are in the mobile phone section, which I didn’t realize until I asked someone. Considering the tablet is the new “it” technology, I was expecting there to be a separate section…or at least a more featured display that didn’t screen “afterthought”

    2) a sales person told me that the planned display for the tablets is not set up yet. Probably would explain why the few accessories they do have are locked up in a cabinet, available only upon request

    3) the variety of accessories out is extremely disappointing, Staples or Best Buy…basically the docking cable and 2 cases. I’m looking online now because I still need my screen protector, hdmi cable, and case.

    4) They still do not have the 32 or 64 and the 16s were all sold out except the floor model, which was not a functioning model.

    So, not sure who to blame, but they had some 6 months, 8 months and impression I got in store was Best Buy was the deer caught in head lights. Of course, I’m sure whenever a new Apple product arrives in store, its a huge deal and every employee drops what they’re doing to contribute for the earth-shattering event.

  2. Also check out I got some 10 feet of cable for ~ 5 bucks. And shipping comes out to be around 4 bucks too.

  3. This is some great information. Thanks!

  4. now I just need a playbook!

  5. Nice I’m def getting one of these.

  6. Yeah, not to slap the manufacturers or big stores in the face, but most times you can go to Newegg, eBay, or Amazon and find the exact thing cheaper. Always a good idea to check

    • The Walmart cable did not work for me. The quality of the cable was too low for the signal strength.

      • i’ve been using mine without any problem. Cable is long enough to sit on couch or bed with PB in hand. Again, maybe u got a faulty one, but mine works just fine.

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