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Hulu Wasted Little Time to Block the PlayBook

Hulu_On_The_PlayBook_0The PlayBook released just yesterday and it looks like Hulu did not like the idea of allowing PlayBook users to stream media from it. Today Nikolaus excited to get his PlayBook checked to see if Hulu worked and to his surprise Hulu has already blocked the PalyBook. We did expect this to happen since that is the same steps they have taken with any mobile device. The PlayBook is the only tablet out there that has flash built in to the browser. Other tablets support native flash aslo but probably not as good as the PlayBook so you able to watch content from other sites but not through Hulu.  This is really frustrating for those that were looking forward to viewing content through Hulu.

Thanks Nikoluas for the tip. 

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  1. Booo…

  2. That’s why they will be behind netflix.

  3. Wow, OK I never thought about it liek that.

  4. Boo, Bloody Hulu. Good thing I did not pay for them.
    I think you can’t use Netflix since it uses Sliverlight. Hopefully a app will fix it from Netflix but come on Hulu.

  5. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  6. yeah netflix is a no go, unless they release an app or something.

  7. I was having troubles with the hulu vids, so not the end of the world for me, I guess.

  8. That’s why I don’t watch tv anymore if they want to be stingy with their shows they can have them and I just won’t watch them I haven watched a tv show or movie in over 3 years. F hulu and go outside people.

  9. This is from 2001bmw330xi in reply to a similar post on CB.

    “figured out a workaround. i only tested with gmail but here goes:

    browse to the hulu video you actually want to watch.
    you should see a large black box where the video would normally be playing.
    scroll to BENEATH that and hit the link that lets you copy the “embeddded” code for “sharing”
    in the browser open a new tab and go to gmail.
    compose a message to yourself and paste the embedded codes
    send the message
    wait until you get your own message
    it should look just like the embedded codes you sent BUT with an active hyperlink in the middle
    click the link and the video should load in a new tab”

  10. You know its all about the money. That’s why ATT is blocking the blackberry bridge, because they want to charge for tethering. RIMM should create there own TV show/movie app using adobe flash – they can call it Berry Cast.

  11. Little surprises me anymore when it comes to this kind of stuff.

  12. Isn’t blocking based on the Browser? If so it should be pretty easy for somebody to write an app that gets around this. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time till one shows up somewhere.

  13. As expected, what took them soo long ???

  14. I just don’t get it. What do they possibly have to gain by blocking their website?

  15. There are other sites that offer the same stuff Hulu does. I don’t know if it will work on the Playbook, but it’d be worth a shot. The best site I know of would be

  16. Companies today spend more time putting limits on what technology can do than they do actually coming up with new inventions.

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