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BlackBerry PlayBook Torn Apart By iFixit, Tech Insights and ChipWorks

The PlayBook has some awesome hardware specs and it did not take long for the guys over at iFixit, Chipworks, and Tech insights to strip the BlackBerry PlayBook to pieces. The intriguing part is that the PlayBook has quite a few parts that comes from TI. We already mentioned ChipWorks tear down here at this link. iFixit has a video of their work check it out below.

Tech Insight has a side by side comparison of the total cost of the tablets as follows:

Playbook Cost Xoom Cost iPad 2 Cost
$190 for 16GB $278 #270 GSM/CDMA
205 for 32GB
235 for 64GB

Source: Tech Insights

To readh tech Insights full tear down go here.

iFixit Tear down video link.

Some of the take away from iFixit:

  • A reparability 7/10
  • No  messing with a heat gun
  • Camera kick’s iPad’s to the curve

Source: iFixit

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  1. Pains me a little big that it costs $15 more for the 32gig and I have to pay an extra $100

  2. this is what ive been waiting for, tear down costs… not too bad considering rim isnt retailing them directly, and probably selles them for $350-399 for a 16gb, and that probably barely covers engineering costs.. and doesnt touch near what the QNX or TaT acquisitions were.

  3. Looks to me like they have room to price them a little lower.

  4. yeah, they should go for lower price if they wanted to sell a bit more

  5. Makes you think that the higher capacity hard drives should be around an extra $50 rather then an extra $100

  6. Good news. Looks like they can give businesses deep discounts. Needs to be a lot of playbooks in the market to attract developers.

  7. They should have priced it lower to be more competitive. They’ve got the margin to do it. The cost difference is $80 already.

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