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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet It’s here! Video Commercial Hits BlackBerry Youtube Channel

RIM has not done a mass marketing campaign for the PlayBook like we had expected. With the PlayBook I’ve yet to see a TV ad. Today they posted a video on their official youtube channel. Not by far the best add but better than nothing at all.

Video LINK

Thanks to fubaz for the tip.

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  1. Meanwhile, when I was wandering NYC this weekend, I saw iPad 2 ads nearly every 50ft.

    I’ll be curious how this product unfolds over the next few months. (Personally hope to be picking up my pre-ordered one tonight, or tomorrow, when I return from this trip.)

  2. I’m gald they are not advertising it. They need to sell to the faithful first and roll out more apps. I’m not a big app person but they need more than they have.

    Please developers do newspaper and magazine apps, optimized for the smaller screen. I don’t mind the small screen at all, in fact small is why I bought it, but reading needs to be optimized for it.

    • The biggest complaint I hear about the iPad/iPad 2 is that it is not really portable. It is a lap or desktop device. The iPad’s weight is too much to hold onto for too long, and it’s size is too great to carry about.

      In my opinion, a tablet needs to be portable to be truly mobile. Having to put it on your lap or on a desktop is not ideal for a tablet, so although I like the iPad’s screen size, I think a smaller tablet that is also lighter will suit my needs more.

      kiddo2050, I’d like to see more newspaper apps, but what I really need is a really great RSS newsreader!

  3. sweet

  4. I understand kiddo2050’s thinking, why there isn’t a big ad blitz. There needs to be more big reasons to buy a PlayBook as some stuff is still being worked on.

    I forgot who said this, but someone suggested RIM should have released the new smartphones first if the PlayBook was still “unfinished”. Don’t get me wrong, I think the PlayBook is still a great buy, especially considering the competition, but there are still things to be worked on including native email, contacts & calendar, and more apps… which are coming.

    The fact that the PlayBook is now out should accelerate app development, but RIM needs to continue to push the PlayBook in the media. It can’t flop because it is a great device with MASSIVE potential.

    • I thik your last point is key. Developers need this in hand so they had to get it out.

      Also think about businesses. I’m sure they are making decisions and they may have been giving RIM and ultimatum to get it out in the wild for a while before they purchase. My guess is that several businesses now have the playbooks and may even have been given them for free to get user feedback.

      On the advertising. I bet that guy quit becuase he wanted a big ad blitx on release of the Playbook he probably had a big campaign all geared up and then the tech guys said no it’s not really read for a campaign that says go out and buy tis by the ton. But again I think RIM made the right choice.

  5. What is the name of the song in this commercial, and who sings it?

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