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BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update Available to v1.0.1.1696

r8avpSince many of our readers finally have their hands on a Blackberry PlayBook some are happy, some are a bit frustrated with some things not working as they are supposed to. RIM promised an update on launch date, and it looks like there is a new update available. The new version jumps now to v1.0.1.1696. So if you have not updated your device today you should check it out maybe it will come with more goodies and probably bug fixes. If you can see any new options or fixes please let us know in the comments below. 



Source and image credit: N4BB.

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  1. An update already? Awesome!

  2. I’m dying to get home. My playbook (thanks again!) has been delivered and I really wanna play.

  3. I keep getting the message that the update server is unavailable. Any ideas? Web browsing works fine.

    “There was an error connecting to the update server. Please try again later. (2011)”


  4. not showing up on my playbook. god this thing is awesome. i love how i am typing on it like i do on my phone. 7 inch rules

  5. Its amazing how some of these websites have used the word DOA for the PlayBook based on supposed lack of features that will be included future updates. Its like they don’t want to give it a chance,because their afraid of the competetion. Like any new device it will have its glitches, but I’m confident RIMM will be able to smooth them out within time.

  6. Mine updated to 1690 today. Still no trace of 1696. But yeah I’m having a few issues. Digging WordPress on it though.

  7. It it not there anymore…What gives…
    mine prompted for an update, then downloaded the file and now nothing…When I go to updates now, it tells me it is all up to date.

  8. Have to say I don’t need an update. Working well, very happy. I do wish Skype was on it. I think RIM should just pay Skype to write the app because it will raise the value of the playbook a lot

  9. I just unboxed mine, registered, updated the OS and it’s just doing the re-start now…..

  10. The PlayBook will get better and better. I was watching Hulu lastnight.

  11. I am a loyal BlackBerry fan and I still use a BlackBerry. I got a hold of Playbook yesterday and got it home. But sorry to say though it looks sleek and nice, it doesn’t have many apps as compared to what iPad 2 has.

    I am sticking to my iPad 2 and its really great. Till the time Playbook gets all the different zillion types of Apps like iPad 2 does, Playbook is way behind the lead.

    Sorry RIM, we need more apps or else the Playbook is just another tablet!

    Note: I used my BlackBerry as my only phone device, and I love it but I use iPad 2 for my tablet

    • Have to laugh a bit at this. Playbook will likely never have the amount of Apps of iPad, but I think you should be a big more discriminating. If you say until it has a ton of useful apps then that’s fine I can see your reasoning.

      Give it a try this summer there will be many Android Apps and likely a lot more stuff for the playbook.

      I think a lot of programmers want the Playbook int their hands before they put up apps. It only makes sense to be able to try them out first so you don’t make a bad impression.

      • Agreed. Useful apps are the key. I wonder how many iPad apps are in existence because of iPad limitations with Flash websites…how many developers HAD to create iPad apps because thier websites use Flash?

        Anyway, of course iPad has more apps, that doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why.

        PlayBook would have a much better launch if RIM didn’t rush it out the door and leave AT&T customers hanging without the use of Bridge. Oh and not to mention, not one bit of good advertising was out there.

        • One note… I was upset about AT&T not allowing it’s users to download bridge from the app store, but if you go to crack they have a link for AT&T users to go to on their smart phones and download bridge… Works like a charm for anyone with AT&T… Also, totally agree on the Apps, it’s going to take a while, but the playbook will soon blow the iPad out of the water. it already does in my opinion… Word processing, adobe flash, bridge, multitasking, and simply ease of use…. Can’t wait for something like skype or maybe bbm w/vid chat!

  12. This is for the Ipad2 guy…. WTF, of course there’s less app’s… it’s a new F#@$ OS and platform! That’s why RIM is relying on the browser so much.

  13. This is for @richard. WTF shove the Playbook in ur a**. When you have new OS then better f***ing have the apps ready, atleast basic apps! like Twitter client, Facebook client, some streaming video client like Netflix.. if you ain’t ready with thos basica apps then don’t release the product!

    Why you think I don’t have an iPhone?, Becoz I love my BlackBerry Bold which I have and I have the latest OS on it and have no complains.

    But as far as tablet is concerned, iPad 2 will blow your mind out… and I am sure you can’t beat that! Please don’t start that Playbook has flash support and blah blah… we all know that.

    Once Playbook is ready and mature enough with different sleek app support, I will personally buy it again! But till then NO NO!!!

    So think outside the box!!!

    • Not really, when the iPhone/ iPad touch came out there were no apps. In fact no one heard of an app.

      I think you are forgetting how new this is.

      No iPad2 will likely not blow his mind as it didn’t blow mine. I’ve owned an iPhone and know all about apps.

      Playbook needs apps, it doesn’t need a million of them, it needs good ones.

      I was glad to hear Playbook sales exceeded expectations yesterday (nope no where close to iPad! so don’t worry your iPad is still way out in front). I’m glad because we just need a good base of development.

      What I like about the Playbook is potential and size. the OS is strong and that’s good to build on. The iPad will have more apps but the Playbook will be able to do more impressive stuff.

      Finally Steve Jobs has declared that small tablets are out, so he will not build me a tablet. In fact he has told me to go fuck off. Thus I’ll stick with my playbook, thanks.

      There was an old saying when GM was strong, you don’t tell General Motors what you want to drive they tell you what you want to drive. Sound familiar? And oh yes, that was when GM was riding high, just like another company we can all name.

      • Make sure you guys keep it clean or else the spam filter will black list you 😉

      • Yup @kiddo Thats fine you can stick to Playbook. For me, No apps No go! The robustness what i have seen with iPad 2 is just awesome and Playbook in infant stages needs to grow up. Once it does then we have a player who is a competitor of Steve Jobs a.k.a iPad 2 etc.

        So you see I am not saying Playbook will not succeed, but for now its way far behind and things what my iPad 2 can do sorry Playbook doesn’t come close or may be just at the edge. I will wait and watch how it goes 6 months down the road with Playbook and I bet they will come out with a better version.

        Two things Playbook is good I felt.

        1. Bridge connectivity
        2. Awesome Camera and Video 1080p recording.

        Thats about it!

        So lets see how things shape out down the road and I wish Playbook becomes a competitor.

        • Of course it’s way far behind in the areas the iPad excels at. It’s two days old what did you expect?

          The playbook will certainly be better 6 months from now, even 6 weeks. The hardware will not change (no need) so updating is pretty easy.

          Add to your list the browser. I know iPad people don’t like to hear it but for most people no flash = no browser.

          Also I don’t think the iPad is a serious competitor to the Playbook. People seem to forget that RIM is first and foremost an enterprise driven company. I honestly think if you asked Jim B and Mike L if they would rather the Playbook catch on for businesses users or the vastly larger general public they’d pick business users. Apple would tell you the exact opposite.

          The Playbook (not this version but future versions) will be the enterprise standard tablet. That doesn’t mean there will be no iPads in business but I don’t think any serious CIO is going to go to Apple of all companies for their computing. There are a number of reasons for this but two stand out. Very poor security and the fact that Apple will not cede control over their products to companies. Want to put something on the iPad? Go through iTunes. What serious company is going to buy into that?

          The Playbook and the iPad are actually fairly different products with different ultimate audiences in mind. To think that RIM invented the Playbook to beat Apple is just silly. It’s a business first device with a few things thrown in to make people happy.

          Let’s compare iPad2 to Playbook 4G this summer (keeping in mind the iPad is 2 years older at least).

          I think this wifi bridged version is aimed squarely at enterprise. That’s why RIM is putting it out before “big” apps like Kindle etc. are done.

          Someone reported today that the cost of the Playbook isabout $199 or something to build. So RIM can go to a company and say you can buy 500 of these at $300 each ( and still make a healthy profit). Keep the company on Blackberries and the company incurs NO recurring costs of data plans etc. Not bad, especially when you throw this at the employee instead of a computer.

          No, in the end Apple is no competition for RIM, in there space. I don’t think Playbook will beat apple in the consumer market either I’m not sure they even are that they do. The media likes to make it out that way but that’s just a show.

          I can tell you one thing, I’d rather walk into a meeting with the playbook in my hand than an iPad – too damn big and just looks dumb.

    • Webchetan,

      It’s funny you mention that when a tablet launches it should have the apps ready ?

      Are you that forgetful that when the Ipad launched it didn’t have any tablet Apps ? Nothing ! Ohhh but I guess your an Apple Fanboy that only relays information that put Apple in a good light.

      Stop commenting – you sound foolish .

      • @Scott dude! get your head straighten out.

        I guess you don’t read every line what one comments. If I was an Apple fanboy like the dumb way you think, I would not be owning a BlackBerry at all !!! I would be writing all bad about BlackBerry and instead using an iPhone!

        If you launch a tablet (like BlackBerry Playbook) late when there is already a dominance in the market by Apple (iPad) you better be prepared to face your competitors and have so called apps (atleast basic like twitter, facebook, fouresquare, netflix etc.) ready! Don’t get started that QNX is a new OS and so it takes time to develop apps for it, No my friend QNX is not new OS, it already existed before and only its is NEW to BlackBerry.

        So fact is a fact and I have mentioned in my post above, I wish that Playbook becomes the next comptetitor for iPad, and once it (Playbook) has what I need I will again go and buy Playbook!!!

        So far it doesn’t serve my purpose, so I am happy with my BlackBerry Bold 9780 and my iPad for my tablet of choice.

        Hope you understand.


        • Sorry but have to chime in here. QNX not a new OS? Surely you know know better than to say dumb things like this. Yes QNX existed but in things like cars and routers a heck of a lot different than a tablet OS and you know that.

          The way you are going here people will soon doubt you really own a BB phone. Just sayin you know better than to say silly things like that.

          • Ok @kiddo looks like u have no other life. Qnx exist so its not new. And yes i know more then u. And yes i own a blackberry bold and yes my tablet of choice is ipad and yes i dont need to prove anyone if i own a blackberry.

            I end my conversation here mr. Dumb man!

  14. Will do Luis. I understand. I just was making my point of view. Its @richard who started the name calling and that blew me out!

    Sorry about that folks 🙂


  15. Hi Luis if you read mine I’m not directing that word to anyone but myself but I’ll remove a couple of letters next time 🙂

  16. It all depends on what your priorities are. If you want a not so portable entertainment device that has 350,000 apps/games (many are just redundant/useless) then get the IPad. But, if want a portable/functional device with full desktop flash and business capable apps that you don’t have to plug into the computer for OS updates/wifi picture/music sharing and pair with your BlackBerry smartphone for up to date info 3G then PlayBook is your choice.

    True, there were some things left out of the PlayBook at launch- core apps, BBM etc, but they are coming soon. You have to remember QNX is totally new OS, it takes some time to integrate with the current BlackBerry OS. As the PlayBook Stands now it is better more functional tablet than the IPad and will eventually rival it as an entertainment device, especially once the Android apps come. So give it some time.

  17. New OS 1710 just dropped through DM

  18. My PB is frozen on restart after the 710 update. What do I do? Please? Love it tho!

  19. Try hard reset….volume up, volume down and power button

  20. Thanks. Now it won’t turn on at all

  21. Sorry, didn’t mean due to trying hard reset. Just blank screen and hard reset is not doing anything. Maybe I broke it

  22. I got my PB first day, and it stuck in the boot sequence on the second day…returned it and no issues since. I believe it was a faulty power button…..

  23. Got it working now. Tks, Sean. I was a little panicked 😉

  24. Was the power button clicking?

  25. The first PB power button had no feedback. With my current one I can feel a bit of a click when pushing it.

  26. Great. Thanks for your help on this, Sean.

  27. No probs…cheers

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