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BlackBerry Bridge Now Available A work Around if You Can’t Install Via BlackBerry App World

ScreenHunter_04 Apr. 19 07.33If you have been patiently waiting for BlackBerry Bridge to show up on App World it now shows up for some. If you can’t find it there is a work around for that via PC. If you go to this link on your PC browser simply plugging your BlackBerry and install using your BlackBerry ID account. It may ask you to download the latest plugging for the process to work. For some reason the user guide says that BlackBerry bridge requires OS 5.0 and higher but the supported devices starts with 8300. Let us know if you are able to get it to work on an older device.

Here are the steps in order from Scott at BBsync :

  1. Visit
  2. Install the App World browser plugin in FireFox or Internet Explorer
  3. Click ‘Download’ on Bridge app page here
  4. Login with your BBID or create a new one
  5. Connect your BlackBerry smartphone to computer via USB
  6. Accept all agreements and sync to install Bridge app

Source: BlackBerrysync

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  1. Anyone else noticed it’s not listed as available for the UK? I know it’s launching in Canada/USA but there are more countries than that listed!

  2. 9800 – “This item is not supported for your device”

    Device, Carrier and Country Compatibility
    This item is not supported for your device.

    BlackBerry 9800
    OS: 6.0.0
    Country: United States
    Carrier: AT&T

    And yet in the compatibility list, 9800 is listed. I sure hope this doesn’t mean AT&T is doing something stupid (though I think it would say it was limited by carrier in that case). Very odd.

  3. I got my plabyook all set up and going. BB Bridge is installed, but, I don’t see BBM…. anyone else not seeing BBM?

  4. Not working on Bold2 9700 OS 5, ATT
    Could it be blocked by ATT?

    • Yes, it appears to be.

      I wonder how much they’re going to extort from RIM to settle this – and how long it will take :/

      • Att wants to get all the $$ they can for tethering. BB Bridge is just like tethering with a wifi hotspot so it makes sense (unfortunately) that they will try to block it. Even with it installed they may do as they have for jailbroken iPhone users who are using free tethering programs.

  5. ATT’s statement (from CB/Gizmodo):

    “AT&T is working with RIM to make the BlackBerry Bridge app available for AT&T customers. We have just received the app for testing and before it’s made available to AT&T customers we want to ensure it delivers a quality experience for our customers”

    • That’s a load of bs.

      “We just received the app”….how do you receive an app? FYI, everyone else is “receiving” it too, everyone except your customers. Oh and my guess is RIM didn’t “send” you anything. They release it into app world, that is all. You then block it.

      And I’m supposed to believe they just want to ensure that it delivers a quality experience? Please, its from RIM not some random developer so how long could it have possibly taken to approve it, a day tops? Not counting Tues, its going on 4 days and considering the playbook is what, 8 months old, I doubt Bridge was only accessible to AT&T for the very first time 4 days ago. They could have done their verifying before the playbook was released.

  6. I wonder what AT&T will do once the testing concludes that people can use the Bridge to surf the web on the Playbook? They must be testing a way to verify that data is coming from the Playbook so they can find a way to charge extra for it.

  7. I am unable to bridge with my 9800 on Rogers…..My torch says it completes the pairing but the PB doesnt recognize the pairing…..

  8. Where’s that picture of the business man with his head in sand when you need one….
    Why am I not surprised this happened?
    RIM does a lot of impressive work to please customers to the point that it becomes nearly impossible.
    I’d give 6 months before the Playbook out shines any other tablet on the market.
    Bets anybody?

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