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What I Would Like to See Done With BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry ID Signup

One of the new things RIM is planning on introducing with OS 6.1 is BlackBerry ID. I have been using the leak version on my 9800 and I like the idea of not having to sign on to app world and having different user names for each RIM app. Ronen commented on the fact that this could also be the death for leaked apps and OS, but I had some different ideas where this could be a good feature for developer if RIM likes the following ideas.

Kevin over at CB on their recent podcast goes on to say that RIM has not release an email client because they are on the transition of switching some thing around where you will only need one BlackBerry ID account for multiple devices. This mean that you could use the same ID on the PlayBook and on your BlackBerry.  This is my own interpretation of what he said but it would make sense.

On his post Ronen mentions that RIM could use this to push out beta builds only to certain people using their BlackBerry ID. This would make things much easier for RIM to keep track of them.  We have seen so far that App world, News Feeds, and a few other apps now require a BlackBerry ID.

My idea is that RIM could even make this technology available to corporations and developers to allow them to easily push out updates to beta testers of their apps. Maybe through app world test center.   Another problem with app world is that it does not support coupon codes or a way for developers to giveaway free copies. If RIM made it to where a developer could simply use the persons blackberry ID username and simply push out a free copy to the users App World account for free it would make things much easier for developers that want to do giveaways or simply send somebody a gift.

What do you think? How would you like to see RIM use BlackBerry ID?

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  1. Using BlackBerryID in order to release coupon codes would be a great idea.

  2. RIMM should create a Itunes like store where everything – Movies, books, music, apps, accessories etc can be downloaded/purchased through the blackberry I’d, including leaked OS.

  3. I think adding music and video to App World is a pretty reasonable next step as long as they allow you to get content on the device using other methods. I think using Blackberry ID to allow me to get BBM messages on both my phone and Playbook would be a good thing too. I have been curious how they plan to deal with BBM on the Playbook and BB ID seems like it might be a reasonable alternative. It would also be great if RIM could somehow use BB ID to wrestle BIS away from the carriers.

  4. link everything like the app, game center from apple and make only 1

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