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Interview With Teknision About RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook UX

Most of us were under the impression that either QNX or TAT were involved in the UI design and the user experience until we heard that Teknision was behind the UX design. Hardly anyone had heard much about Teknision until recently the story broke that they were behind the UX of the PlayBook. Kyle over at BlackBerryCool sat down with Teknision’s President Gabor Vida to talk about their involvement with the development of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Kyle did some good work finding some information about the early stages of the PlayBook development including a company name Artefact that developed an early UI with 3D icons which am glad they scrapped that design and RIM eventually gave Teknision the job.

Another interesting topic is why RIM acquired TAT and not Teknision. TAT also worked with the competition and owning them meant the competition would need to find a new developer.

Check out the video interview below and also read Kyles full article.



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  1. That many tabs?

  2. It is odd that RIM would buy TAT but have another company work on the UI for the Playbook. I wonder what they have up their sleeves? Could it be that the TAT acquisition was too late to have contributed to the initial release? Perhaps we will see some very serious updates within a year of release that make use of TAT’s ideas.

    • Posted a possible explanation in the article. Here is the text:

      “So if Teknision did such an awesome job on the UX, why did RIM acquire TAT and not Teknision? It seems the answer is more market-related and less about their success as a UX company. The acquisition decision is clear when you look at the relative size of the companies. TAT is a company of some 180-200 employees and Teknision is a company of around 10. When you’re looking to acquire a company, you also want to disrupt the market. Competitors like Google were doing business with TAT and after the RIM acquisition they had to find a new UX firm. It’s this sort of client displacement that is a huge opportunity for Teknision as well, allowing them to visit former TAT clients and scoop up the business. There is also the opportunity for them to get acquired by Google or a manufacturer focused on Android development, especially now that TAT is out of the picture.”

  3. Why is there a net flix icon????????????

    Yes the TAT acquisition was likely too late I think PB2 will be uber sexy.

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