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Guest Review: iMaingo X Speaker

IMG-20110411-00110Package: Receiving the box, i was taken aback at the size of the box.Well, like any shipments, merchants have a likelihood of using oversized boxes, but for this, iMaingo’s packaging was pretty good, with the sufficient foam and box to protect it, well, the size is still rather huge as compared to other portable speakers. In the packaging, came with the speaker system, power adapter, user manual, brochure card, sling and a nice carrier.

Device: Zip wise, the build is very strong, feels very sturdy, even ousting that of my Targus back bag. First thing after unzipping, we can see its divided into 2 portions, on part for the speaker and its lithium-ion battery, the other portion for the device.

Size for the whole item was rather huge, as i was using my Blackberry Torch to snap the photos, i had to use my older love, Blackberry Curve 8900 for its model to compare. Side by side, width and length.

Setup: I had no problems zipping and putting my Blackberry 8900 into the iMaingoX before zipping it up. Connecting it was fuss-free and easy as well – a simple 3.5mm plug which was just long enough for use with the whole system.

And off we go to blast!

Sound-wise, after blasting it for 30 minutes, I have to admit, for its size, the music is indeed top notch. My x-mini 2 portable speakers definitely would not reach such deep bases and clarity even if i daisy chained them up. This probably is much clearer than my Dell speakers as well as my laptop speakers, and of course, better than any built in speakers in our devices.

This devices is very interesting. It comes with 2 headphone jacks as well as a microphone port so we can actually sing Karaoke with it!

This is probably the most unique and interesting feature apart from it being on of the clearest sound i have heard.

Now, the gripes – Note that this device is designed for touchscreen devices:

The whole thing is rather heavy for its size, but for its sound, definitely worthwhile to carry it out to parties or exercises. Using my Blackberry 8900, it being not touch screen nor trackpad, it was almost impossible to navigate. On my torch however, navigation was alright, with the trackpad and touch screen, navigation was with ease. The iMaingoX however, is unable to accommodate my torch with my case-mate casing i posted a review on earlier. I had to remove it before placing it into the speaker system. Like many of the speaker systems out there, the iMaingoX is affected by the radio signals which means that if a message or call comes in, the buzzing is very obvious.


Overall Rating: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

Portability: 3/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Compatibility: 5/53

Available at: and
$ 69.95
Website: or for less at rangers from $40-$69

IMG-20110411-00101 IMG-20110411-00102

IMG-20110411-00104 IMG-20110411-00107


IMG-20110411-00108 IMG-20110411-00109


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  1. the only problem is the size

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