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BlackBerry PlayBook DLNA Media Streaming Certification Coming Soon

IMG_00000157DLNA Certified Logo

While at the BlackBerry PlayBook launch event last week Mike Lazaridis let me know about two upcoming features that are coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook. First he told me that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be getting its DLNA certification very soon which will allow you to wirelessly stream video and music to devices that support it. In case you don’t know what DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is here is a brief primer. DLNA is a standard that sets profiles for devices that stream or accept streams. You may remember its previous standard called UPnP. The best part about DLNA is that it is an open standard which means you will be able to tap into the almost 10,000 DLNA certified devices out there.

The second thing Mike Lazaridis let me know about was that the PlayBook already has content protection certificates (DRM) preloaded. They are just waiting for certification and then either RIM or third parties will be able to rent or sell protected content like videos, tv shows, music, etc. I am not a big fan of DRM but it makes services like Netflix and Hulu available. As long as its not intrusive its nice to see that RIM is trying to get content partners to embrace the platform.

I really wish I had read up on DLNA when Mike mentioned the feature to me. DLNA is a pretty wide standard that can do anything from streaming video from your PlayBook to a TV or better yet streaming video from your PC to your PlayBook. It breaks down into a DMS (Digital Media Server) which has the video content and the DMP (Digital Media Player) which plays the content. From what Mike told me the PlayBook will be able to act as a DMS but I am hoping it will be able to also double duty as a DMP or simply be able to play video off a remote file share.

Even cooler is the DMC profile of DLNA if RIM implements it. That would allow the PlayBook to control media being streamed from your PC to your TV. In other words it would be a really high tech remote. 🙂

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  1. I’d love to see the playbook as DMP and expand bridge so you can use your Blackberry as a remote. I could have it plugged into my TV, playing a movie off my laptop, controlling it from the couch with my blackberry. Awesome (and perhaps wishful thinking)!

  2. Quick question… so what version are you on now for the playbook?

  3. I hope those who bombed the PlayBook would take back what they just said about it…
    They maybe right about not being ripe, but in a few months I’d love to see them eat their own words…

  4. right now I’m looking for a dlna server for my house – just another reason to buy one… 🙂

  5. dlna standart is a bad joke,
    to be certified there are only outdated formats

  6. cool!

  7. Any mention on if this is for player as well, or just as a provider?

    I’d find the former far more helpful than the latter…

  8. Well, just a little up on this particular topic, that no one seems to talk/write about anymore. No public certification (on the website, nor for RIM, QNX or Playbook search).

    Anyone got news about this ?

    Thanks in adavce.

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