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Hands On With the BlackBerry PlayBook Video Player

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I am absolutely loving the video player on my BlackBerry PlayBook. The only real limitation I have found so far is that it does not work on MKV files so I could not test any of my 720p or 1080p video content. On the other hand practically every video file I tested on the device worked like a charm with the exception of some old Coupling episodes I had coded I had coded in DIVX 3 but I tested out DIVX 4+ along with XVID and they worked like a charm.

IMG_00000157 IMG_00000158 

Like the music player the video player will show the current status in the menu bar while a video is playing though I am not quite sure what that would be good for. Maybe if you want to take a quick jump to your email and back… The videos can also keep playing while you skip around between apps and that notification shows you a thumbnail of the video playing.

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I also like how RIM lets you easily edit and delete files from your video collection en masse without having to do one at a time. That is nice with the limited 16GB on my device.

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The only real knock I have on the PlayBook video player is that it does not remember where you were in a video when you exit it and go to another video or another app. RIM really needs to fix that ASAP. On the other hand I love how it lets you easily skip forward or back in a video. It is so fast it beats my desktop in skipping speeds!

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Let me know if you want me to test anything!

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  1. “The videos can also keep playing while you skip around between apps and that notification shows you a thumbnail of the video playing.” Thumps up for this.. real multitasking

  2. The more I look at the stuff the heavier my previously light laptop is feeling 🙂 Going to enjoy carrying this with me everywhere.

    Ronen do you feel it can make it through a day’s normal usage?

  3. Delete “en masse”? Are you referring to RIM in general or the PB? Got a little lost there as I’m trying to follow PB references and then “RIM” got thrown in. Lol.

  4. Too bad you didn’t get to test HD content. My ipod touch 4 renders HD content unplayable, with the video ending up like slideshows.

  5. Is it possible to play videos stored on sd card in blackberry on the playbook through the blackberry. Bridge?

  6. Can you test if the media player can read subtitle files (.srt) ?

  7. I have had trouble playing real player videos on the playbook any suggestions

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