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More BlackBerry 9900 Pictures Side by Side With Current Devices

IMG00230-20110415-0835-ZBBSo far we have seen several pictures of the BlackBerry 9900, including a video of it. The guys over at ZonaBlackBerry got their hands on some more pictures of this device. I honestly can’t wait until this device finds it’s way to my hands. I like the 9800 touch screen QWERTY combo but the slider makes it a bit of pain to use. Having a device that does away with having to slide it eliminates that step.  The latest batch of pictures show the device running OS Platform v  The 6.1 is the OS version.   The back of the device has the name Brand that means it has not been given a name yet and is likely a pre-production device. If you wanted to get an idea of how the device looks in size compared to current devices check out the the pictures below.  The device is not much bigger than the 9800 but it is a bid wider.I love how slim this device looks compared to the other devices.


IMG00235-20110415-0839-ZBB IMG00237-20110415-0840-ZBB


IMG00238-20110415-0841-ZBB IMG00240-20110415-0842-ZBB



Source: ZonaBlackBerry

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  1. Looks great. One of those and the PlayBook and I will be a very happy camper.

  2. very nice.. i loved my bold when i had it… it was a great device no doubts that this will be as well

  3. When doing the side by side comparison, the 9700 should clearly have been the Curve 8900 update instead of the 9300. I’m loving the battery, hope it’s the same as the 9700’s because this Torch battery is rather annoying with 4 hours of use. Fully agree with the first post, the 9900 with PlayBook is a match made in Heaven! Great post Luis!

  4. I hope this phone come to Sprint.

  5. Wish there was a head to head with the torch not one on top of the other like the last picture.

    If you work for a carrier and get to do the same please do a head to head.

  6. I just recently got the 9800 Torch. I’m really liking the specs and such for the new Torch 2. I might just have to upgrade and pass my Torch to my wife.

  7. Looks like a very nice device. Maybe it will be ready when its time to retire my 9700.

  8. I wish they had gone with newer design cues, rather than going back to the bold.

  9. I’m glad they brought the old 9000 size back. I really did miss the extra space. One thing I notice that will be missed are the awesome speakers the 9000 had. Best I’ve ever heard. I do agree they should’ve upgraded it with the newer designs.

  10. m0m0 I’m not sure what you want, I think this will look different from the 9000 when you get it in your hands but the main point is the keyboard and they needed to bring that back.

    I have a Torch and I’ve been mulling over Torch 2 vs Bold Touch (I like the Torch but also liked my Bold 9000). Friday clinched it for me, however.

    An older colleague came into my office and asked me to help him install BB Travel (he is one of those that uses BB only for email and phone). He handed me his Bold 9700 and once I started typing on the keyboard it was like wow! I had forgotten how that felt. Torch keyboard is OK but nothing like a really good Blackberry keyboard. Bold 9900 Touch for me for sure.

  11. As eager as I am to see this device, I’m curious as to what you can actually do with the touch screen. I haven’t gotten to see a lot of the news from BlackBerry’s lately, but you can’t type on it, so…looks to me that this device touch screen will just be for choosing apps?

  12. Why the heck would want to type on a screen that is 2.8 inches? That wouldn’t make sense when the full keyboard is right below!!!

    • I completely agree. That’s what I was saying. No room to type. So that leaves just tapping on apps for launch. Maybe pinch to zoom as well.

      • I have a torch and use the touch screen all the time when it is open. Touch is useful in email and many other apps. Also when reading a web page scrolling.

        I think it is useful, but if you don’t want to use it don’t.

  13. I’ll have to admit having to slide the torch is really annoying and I miss the 9000 keyboard.

  14. I’d be very surprised if the 9900 had a touchscreen keyboard. The screen is far too small. However, using touchscreen for moving around, viewing pictures, browsing the web, and anything else does make a lot of sense. I just switched to a Torch a few weeks back and when I pick up my wife’s 8900 it is a breeze to type on by comparison. I still like the Curve keyboard better than any other, but a wider Bold keyboard would be easier than a more cramped version. I’d love to check this phone out once it hits.

  15. wow, i have been out of the loop so long… tuns to catch up on. Starting here.

  16. This phone is coming out in August

  17. Cool stuff

  18. Yaaaaaaaaaay , Very Nice I Want It x'(

  19. I’d say the 9900 looks rather boring its a few steps back when it comes to its design they should have chiseled it a little more,it can never be compared to the 9700.I still think the 9700 is the most sleek.

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