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Hands On With the BlackBerry PlayBook Music Player


I took some time to play with the BlackBerry PlayBook music player and thought I would share the features with you. The player is pretty slick but seems to lack any options which is odd like an equalizer but other than that it is awesome. You can control the music from the buttons on top allowing you to play/pause and raise and lower the volume. If you hold down the volume up and down keys it will skip forward or back a track which is also nice.

IMG_00000139 IMG_00000140

My favorite feature is the fact that RIM put the media controls and preview in the status bar. That means you can swipe down from the top left or top right bezel and see an icon for media playing. If you click on the icon it will show you the album art, current time in the song, name of the song, along with the ability to pause/play and skip tracks.

IMG_00000148 IMG_00000149

The PlayBook makes it easy to create a playlist by simply swiping down from the music view and hitting the edit button. You then select as many songs as you wish and click the add button and they are there. It looks like you can only create the one default playlist on the device but you can copy over more from your PC and edit them from the PlayBook.

IMG_00000153 IMG_00000154

You can also search your music and the PlayBook will search the music live showing you the results as you type which is nice.

IMG_00000145 IMG_00000146

Most of my music does not have album art but the music status shows up on the bottom of the music player screen along with the album art. All in all its a pretty nice experience! Check out more screenshots below:

IMG_00000137 IMG_00000138 IMG_00000141 IMG_00000142 IMG_00000143 IMG_00000144 IMG_00000147 IMG_00000150 IMG_00000151 IMG_00000152

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  1. very nice Ronen, i can see u are having fun with the screenshot shorcuts hehehe
    cant wait to get mine

  2. Nice, can’t wait to get a chance to play around with one!

  3. Hey… where’s that TAT app for the music / picture player call “front runner”

    I guess they are saving it for the 4G version of the playbook? B/C that would be a killer.

    Quoting from the “Barcelona” video’s.

  4. Ronen, I can wait till Tues to see for myself, but I would be interested to hear more about creating playlists on the PC if that is something you can comment on. With my BB device, I create playlists in iTunes and then sync them using Desktop Manager. Is it the same for the Playbook? Create playlist in iTunes and sync to Playbook using DM?

    • What is this iTunes malware you speak of? 🙂 Sorry I just created a playlist with anything that creates a M3U playlist

    • Also, having you tried playing any music files that are currently stored in the cloud, either Dropbox or Amazon Cloud? I imagine you could open up the browser, go to, and play your files (although a more functioning app would of course be nice). This would solve the lack of expandable memory issue. You wouldn’t have to store your entire music collection onboard, but its still accessible. I preordered the 32gb and I’m not worried about running out of space from files, only media. Pictures, music, movies…its those that will make a dent in your hard drive space…

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