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My Favorite Feature on the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS

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While at the BlackBerry PlayBook launch event I confirmed that my favorite feature of the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet managed to make it into the launch OS. The BlackBerry PlayBook has a feature called Storage and Sharing that I absolutely love. It allows you to access your BlackBerry PlayBook file system and storage over Wi-Fi from your PC with NO CABLES. I personally think that every device should have this feature but the BlackBerry PlayBook is the first non-Desktop device to have this feature. I have been using it all night and I absolutely LOVE IT! It is a bit slower than I would like (I am seeing about 100kbps) but in my opinion is one of the most innovative things RIM has done with the Tablet OS.

IMG_00000023 IMG_00000024

You simply setup a network name for your device along with a password and then mount it like any other network drive. When you mount it you are given three main directories: Certs, Media, and Print but all of them are empty except for Media which has all the subdirectories you see in the screenshots.

Screen shot 2011-04-15 at 12.24.16 AM Screen shot 2011-04-15 at 12.25.42 AM

Let me know if you have any questions about the feature!

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  1. Mine can not get here soon enough…

  2. Yes that is indeed a cool feature. That would be great for podcasts and music. I can think of lot of cool apps to use this ability.

  3. It’s unfortunate none of the reviews commented on this feature. You would figure it would be a pretty important thing seeing as it’s the only tablet to offer it. But alas rim got hosed by reviewers yet again.

    I’m surprised this “unfinished product” offers so much in comparison to other “polished products”. And I can’t remember who said it was “half-baked” but from what I can tell from all the videos I’ve seen that reviewer must have been half-baked.

  4. really nice and without a hack.. like on iOS

  5. 100kbps.. ouch. I was expecting 1+mbps. Looks like using it to sync videos is a no go.

  6. I need to contain myself and stop reading these articles or else I’m gonna drool all over my playbook when it arrives…

  7. That is a nice feature. I have WiFiFileTransfer on my phone to do the same kind of thing. Why mess with cables if you don’t have to? It is a shame none of the reviews mentioned this feature.

  8. Does it work the other way? I’d like to be able to access media files from my PC on the playbook, so I can use the HDMI out to play them on the TV.

    For example if I have all sorts of movies and TV shows stored on my PC, it would be great to stream them onto the playbook.

  9. 100 kbps is a little over 12 KB/s. Are you sure that is right? If it is true then that is pretty much useless.

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