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Gmail On the BlackBerry PlayBook – Looks Awesome!


You know how everybody is harping about the BlackBerry PlayBook not having native email? First thing I did was open up my BerryReview Google Apps email through the browser and guess what I was welcomed to? A totally tablet and touch optimized email experience. It is even better than when I am at my PC… I have not used an email app on my PC for about 2-3 years now so its nice to see that the experience is carried over to my PlayBook!

IMG_00000026 IMG_00000027

IMG_00000028 IMG_00000029

IMG_00000030 IMG_00000031

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  1. Wow, this looks amazing! Was not expecting this degree of optimization.

  2. Looks amazing. Kinda have an iOS look, right?

  3. wow! man, this looks really greaat!! i have 3 gmails accounts to manage so imagine what ill be doing with this!

    u are right .. it looks like the iOS

  4. This is me: *iz jelus*

  5. I am just trying to point out the things that stick out to me about how I would use such a device! Glad you guys like it.

  6. I am 100% going to sound like a newm but what is the google apps email and how is it different than going to and logging in?

  7. How about Yahoo mail?

  8. Is it just gmail that gets this sort of optimization or would it show up with any web-based email?

  9. I hope Warren Flax doesn’t mind you posting his email for everyone to see. (Or that he doesn’t exist.)

  10. Maybe it runs better on the playbook than on a device. GMAIL was updated this week to HTML5, and it crashed my Bold 9650 with os 6 all the time.

  11. Yeah, try to view / edit your contacts in Gmail Mobile.

    I wish you could switch from the mobile version to the regular HTML version on the playbook but you cant.

  12. Gmail still lacking on PB. Just try sending an attachment.

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