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BlackBerry PlayBook Unboxing and Initial Setup Pictures


Unboxing the BlackBerry PlayBook was a bit of a religious experience but nothing really blew my mind. The packaging was nice a clean and looked really modern reminding me of Apple and old Creative Labs product packaging. The only really surprise in the box was the inclusion of a neoprene sleeve for the PlayBook. I am not sure if that will be coming standard on all devices but its nice of RIM to throw it in there. Along with that we also have a MicroUSB cable along with a MicroUSB wall charger.

IMG_3031 IMG_3032

Once you turn on the device it will ask you to swipe to continue while I missed the animation on the bottom of the screen showing how to swipe. You simply swipe on the bottom middle of the screen from the left to the right to swipe between the setup screens. Once you get past the initial first screens and setup of Wi-Fi it will prompt you to do a pretty large OS update at almost 300MB. It took my device about 20 minutes to do that and restart over a 10Mbps connection at home. Pretty sweet for an OS install and reboot.

PS: Its kind of fun listening to Pandora on my PlayBook (browser) while writing this… 🙂

IMG_3033 IMG_3034 IMG_3035 IMG_3036 IMG_3037 IMG_3038 IMG_3039 IMG_3040 IMG_3041 IMG_3042 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3047 IMG_3048 IMG_3049 IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3056 IMG_3057 IMG_3059 IMG_3060 IMG_3061 IMG_3062

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  1. i cant wait until 19th.. ill still someones!!! so watch ur Playbook ! i know where all u guys are!

    very nice pics man! tell us more.. the OS is it buggy ? is the the review right ? is it worth ? needs more cooking ?

  2. The more I see, the more I want.

  3. So it appears you guys did get one from RIM? If anyone deserved one it’s surely you guys. You all did the best articles and stirred the best conversations about the PlayBook up. 🙂

  4. Thanks guys. I cannot really do a thorough review until I get time to play with it longer. That and I am still a bit tipsy from the event. Off to bed!

  5. That’s cool bro. Get your rest. Every one of your fans would rather you took your time. As opposed to rushing a review. We still have a few days till we can buy one anyways.

  6. im still looking to see bridge and bluetooth dun work at the same time off one BB….would you be able to make that test??????

  7. I read another unboxing that indicated that the power button was not as recessed as the early reviewers had complained about. How was it on your Playbook? I’m hoping that the released edition has this corrected although I don’t think it will be a big deal if it isn’t. Can’t you wake it up with just a swipe anyway? Why turn it off?

  8. very sexy Ronen

  9. Give the PlayBook the review it deserves Ronen.

  10. The onslaught is beginning! 🙂 Next week is going to be a pretty awesome week….

  11. Got mine today but cannot go past the select country and accept agreements page. Is there a block on the playbook until Tuesday?

  12. It is awesome!

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