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BlackBerry PlayBook: Picasa, Google Reader, Calendar, Pandora, Slacker…


I just cannot get enough of this. The BlackBerry PlayBook is the first alternative non-desktop/laptop device that I have ever had which provided me access to the full web. Everything else I have used have been a compromise until this point. I was blown away that you can use the BlackBerry PlayBook browser to upload pictures to Picasa from their website. You can even upload more than one picture at a time! I then tried both Slacker and Pandora and while they both work they stop playing music when you switch to another browser tab. On the other hand if you switch to another app they keep playing. The weird part is you can keep both Pandora and Slacker open at the same time and when you switch between the tabs the music switches on instantaneously!

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  1. im addictive to google reader… i guess that will do the same and true multitasking with videos .. did u try this already ? play a video live it running ?

  2. Yeah its pretty crazy. You can even leave the camera running in the background…

  3. As an aside, your greader is hilarious. 1000+ unread, compared to my 0 unread. I hate leaving stuff unread.

  4. Is there a pandora app as well on the playbook?

  5. To be honest, the fact that this has the FULL web should put other tablets to shame…

  6. 4 more days! I can’t be more excited than this! 😀

  7. I think the switch between tabs issue is a holdover from the OS6 version of the browser (which they said this one is built on); it does that to conserve battery. Hopefully that will be made configurable in an update – ideally it could even be configured on a per-site basis, as it may not be something that you want to globally enable.

    (Actually, I wish the option to pause js and flash behaviors when backgrounded were available even on desktop browsers…)

  8. exciting stuff.. too many choices, not one perfect device that will do it all…

  9. How are you able to see Google Cal in the full desktop format. When I bring it up on my playbook, it looks like the mobile version from my phone…

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