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BlackBerry PlayBook Configuration Settings and Options


Over the past few months I have seen and played with quite a few builds of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. Over time RIM has added more options, changed the wording around, and more so I thought I would give you screenshots of every option in the BlackBerry PlayBook settings menu. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

IMG_00000112 IMG_00000091

IMG_00000092 IMG_00000093

IMG_00000094 IMG_00000095

IMG_00000096 IMG_00000097

IMG_00000098 IMG_00000099

IMG_00000100 IMG_00000101

IMG_00000102 IMG_00000103

IMG_00000104 IMG_00000105

IMG_00000106 IMG_00000107

IMG_00000108 IMG_00000109

IMG_00000110 IMG_00000111

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  1. The screenshots look great. Do you find the keyboard feedback sound to be useful? I think that could be a nice feature to give you more confidence when typing.

  2. Awesome! Thanks Ronen. That answered quite a few questions. Any idea what the “Debug Token” thing is? What happens if you click on it?

  3. Looks like someone really likes that screen capture shortcut. It all looks great – both in quality of the pix and the content.

  4. I have been using BlackBerry (RIM) handhelds before they were ever phones. I love autotext (now called word substitution) and I’d love to know if my autotext can be ported or saved to the PlayBook. Is it on the drawing board? (Did I miss it?) So excited to get my hands on my PB Tuesday.

  5. Excellent, thanks for posting. This is the kind of info that nobody else is bothering with – great for those of us eagerly awaiting launch.

    (The simulators are very stripped down, and don’t have the majority of these config screens.)

  6. hahaha very nice to see u guys using the screen capture bottoms

  7. The swipe down for menu needs to be in all apps. It can show Help, Close, Options & Search as a default for apps with no menu — but every app should have a menu.

  8. Does playbook has Chinese or Japanese input?

  9. Does the playbook detect and support wi-fi ad hoc connection? Need a tablet that supports this for tethering to my phone to avoid wireless provider tethering fee.

  10. I am a lover of bb.i have a bb storm 9530 i have try to configure it by sending settings to my network provider,the reply they send was that i should go for manual configuration for my bb storm 9530.That is why am here to find a solution for my bb.please someone help me with etisalat manual configuration ,my facebook name Nosakhare Osadolor,[email protected]

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