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BlackBerry Bridge to Allow Media Card AND Internet Browsing!

BlackBerry Bridge Description2 BlackBerry Bridge Description

I mentioned in my last article that the BlackBerry Bridge would allow you to browse the internet and now have confirmation of that fact. The BlackBerry Bridge description in App World clearly states that the Bridge will allow you to browse the internet through the app. It will even allow you to access your companies Intranet if you are on a BES and your BES admin has allowed for it. On top of that they have confirmed that it will allow you to access files on your BlackBerry smartphone from your PlayBook but I am not sure about the other way around.

BlackBerry Bridge, you can connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to your BlackBerry smartphone to access email, calendars, and more. From your tablet, you can connect to files stored on a media card and browse the Internet using your wireless connection.  If your smartphone uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and Intranet browsing is enabled by your IT administrator, you can also browse your organization’s intranet.

Still don’t believe me that the BlackBerry Bridge is one of the best features of the BlackBerry PlayBook? RIM has some more surprises coming and I cannot wait to get my hands on the BlackBerry Bridge from my Torch!

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  1. wow…. the day is getting better…
    cant wait to try this out!

  2. Yeah, that is definitely awesome news and a game changer.

    With access to the media card, guess that is a way to meet us half-way on the lack of an sd card slot. My biggest concern was music and pictures taking up my memory but this seems like it is a possible solution. Leave the music & pix on the devices SD card, use bridge to view/listen to them.

  3. Well as much as I’d like to believe that I am still more than skeptical. I was at a blackberry pre-launch event just yesterday, and bridge most certainly did not allow you to use your smartphone’s internet connection on any of the 30 some-odd number of playbooks. Moreover I asked the crew there what they knew & they were also quite clear it did not work that way. While I’m hoping to be wrong, I am worried the app store description of bridge was incorrect

  4. AwwweeSOME!!! Lol. The Playbook is the tab for me!!! Once my wife let’s me buy one, anyway.

  5. That is great news! It’s the next best thing to having an SD card on the Playbook itself.

  6. This will be amazing. No SD slot no problem. Although RK says it won’t work I don’t see why not. A BES administrator can probably restrict moving attachments to your sd card on your phone so if they can do that why not let the playbook have access to that sd card?

  7. BTW I cannot find Bridge software in my app world. Not can I fine tune in radio 3.0 do I have an appworld problem?

  8. Game changer. Boom goes the dynamite

  9. If the PlayBook can run Android apps, then it should run BlackBerry apps.

  10. I think there’s no doubt that I’m excited. I can’t wait.

    Now I need a bigger media card. lol.

  11. Ronen… Riddle me this… Why would rim keep this under wraps? Its clearly a huge feature!!

  12. I have to assume it’s going to be somewhat slow Web browsing over Bluetooth (2.1Mbit), over whatever network your BB is connected to, so maybe RIM’s not highlighting it as a key feature because of the latency.

  13. This is awesome news.

  14. Am I the only one seeing the first picture stating”not available for your carrier”!? Stop getting peoples hopes up! Most likely we can tether for free but that does not mean it won’t be blocked by any carriers! 🙁

  15. crackberry already did a review about the tethering people!

    you can tether the playbook to ANY smartphone which supports bluetooth d.u.n. connectivity. it seems as though the carriers will be unable to tell that you are tethering to the playbook because it’s being done over the bluetooth connection!

  16. That is a nice feature indeed, except that the local internet speeds are quite terrible. Bordering on unusable.

  17. Cool…

  18. AWESOME!

  19. I hope this will be available by Tuesday. What a bummer if I get my playbook and can’t bridge it.

  20. I sure do hope the next generation will offer an sd slot and a flash for the camera.

  21. I think this is huge. Hook it up to a tv and connect a few bluetooth devices, and you essentially have a pc. Portable, functional, awesome. Just kind of wished they would have it all ready at release.

  22. only 1 day left!

  23. so happy to see that PB premiered yesterday

  24. I just got my playbook yesterday and was so excited to do all the wonderful things it claimed to do. I had a tough time bridging it with my blackberry bold 9700 following the BB instructions – the 2 devices recognized each other but wont’ bridge.
    I talked to 7 different people at RIM Tech Support over a 7 hour period, tried all kinds of things and still couldn’t resolve it. If anyone has any idea to do that – please help.
    Also if anyone knows how to create a new “Slideshow to go” file – please help.
    I resisted buying the ipad because I want to be able to do work on it too. Without the bridging function and ability to create, edit, save and delete files to go, the PB is just a very expensive toy.

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