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BlackBerry Bridge IS One of the BEST PlayBook Features! Here is Why!


There are a few things that have not been stressed about the BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge that I feel need to be addressed. The BlackBerry Bridge allows you to connect your BlackBerry PlayBook to your BlackBerry Smartphone (with a Bridge app installed) to access information from it. Until now we have known this will give us access to the BlackBerrys Messages, Contacts, Calendar, BlackBerry Messenger, Tasks, and Memos. Keep in mind it does all of this through the connection to the BlackBerry and is NOT considered tethering. The thing is there is one feature missing off that list that I think is a real game changer for RIM.

I have confirmed at the BlackBerry PlayBook launch event yesterday that the BlackBerry Bridge will also allow users to browse the web! Through the BlackBerry Bridge users will be able to browse both Internet (BIS) and Intranet (BES) websites through the connection to their BlackBerry smartphone. This traffic will be piped to the RIM NOC APN directly just like BlackBerry smartphone traffic. That means you will be able to browse the web without a tethering data plan!

Essentially this boils down to the fact that with the BlackBerry Bridge and a BlackBerry Smartphone you will be able to perform all the following functions without tethering:

  1. Read and respond to your email
  2. Place a new calendar entry and have it synched to BES or Gmail/Yahoo
  3. Chat with friends on BBM
  4. And last but not least browse the web

The only thing really missing off the list is the ability to use applications and allow them to connect through that Bridge. I am not sure if that will happen but something tells me it will because RIM needs a way to pipe internal BES protected data to a PlayBook and this would be an easy route for that.

Currently I have not managed to get BlackBerry Bridge on my BlackBerry Torch but a good source confirmed that this is the case. RIM has not been releasing the BlackBerry smartphone app required for the Bridge since it is still a work in progress but this is a HUGE development.

Think about it. Name one tablet or even laptop that can do all 4 of those things without a tethering or tablet data plan?

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  1. none, only playbook can, other people don’t see the power, capabilities and many features of Playbook, Thanks RIM for giving us the Best Tablet

  2. RIMM IS SO AWESOME! We love you, keep up the good work!

  3. Sounds like a nice feature to have in a pinch when out of Wi-Fi range. I guess that 3rd party apps will not have access to this pipe, though.

  4. I don’t have Blackberry phone. But I love Blackberry because I can see their effort to give everything they can to satify their consumer. Thans RIM, I will be purchasing playbook next week.

    • Over the next year after all those reviewers quit drinking the Kool-aid from the toilet that RIM is going all out and they are deemed to be the best!

  5. I just hope the carriers don’t find a way to either block it or charge for it.

  6. first off great article!

    question i have for you is do you know if RIM is building an SMS/MMS blackberry bridge app….

    so essentially once u download the blackberry bridge app and connect the playbook to a BB running OS 5+ you can… all of the above + view and send sms/mms messages directly from the playbook?

    look forward to any info/thoughts u have.

  7. Game changer!

  8. The power of the NOC!!! Milk it, RIM! Nobody else has it!

  9. Coo oo oo oo ooollll !!!!!

  10. hope so.. or they found a way to charge us

  11. Glad I took the time to read this and the newer article about the Bridge. This is huge. I would really hope that Developers such as Xobni could use the Bridge too but apps like Xobni will work all the same without Bridge so long as your connected though the cloud (Xobni One). Regardless the other features make it a very important addition. I hope it’s not months from development.

  12. Music to my ears… 🙂

  13. this is quite confusing, how is it bridge without tethering? Doesn’t bridge mean tethering?

    Does no tethering mean no tethering fees?

    • @m0m0 that is what RIM is trying to do. Differentiate it by name and confuse carriers so they dont charge for it. 🙂

      @Shenmue Every other tablet charges for this feature since you would need a tethering plan on your phone to use the phone as a wifi hotspot. This is free…

  14. I was u der the impression that every other tablet could do this using any smartphone that has a wifi hot spot?

    • But with Playbook you don’t have to pay! You do for other phones you carrier can tell.

      I think this is the first of many “wins” for the Playbook. More to come as the leaverage their unique systems and QNX.

      As Kevin on Crackberry said this is massive for corporate users. Now give them a playbook and that’s it no recurring costs associated with tablet use. None!!!!!!!

  15. this is GREAT; it’s definitely one of the best features. It’s *not* cheating or tethering though – the user is not accessing *additional* data. The user is using the PlayBook screen instead of the BlackBerry phone screen. So it’s also not “free” – the user is using the data plan they’re already paying for. And that’s of the many reasons to choose a PlayBook over an iPad.

  16. Sweet! This will definitely set the Playbook apart from the competition. I just wish RIM would let us know more about the specific features that they plan to add via future software updates.

  17. Ronen, please correct me if I’m wrong but so what if the carriers block the bridge! Who says you have to purchase a PB from sprint/verizon/at&t-mobile. Bestbuy, sears, amazon, etc are all selling the PB and you don’t have to get a carrier attached. F’em all and live free! RIM has broken the shackles for tablet browsing.

  18. cool! i love playbook

  19. You can actually also send SMS text message from BlackBerry PlayBook using an app called MessageGateway.

    Here are the details to configure and send.

  20. MessageGateway is also $49.99

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