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Guess What? Works on the BlackBerry PlayBook

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I just got back from the BlackBerry PlayBook launch party with David and the first thing he had me try was Hulu in the PlayBook browser. The crazy part is it works like a charm. I am not promising that Hulu won’t decide to go ape-$#i+ and block the BlackBerry PlayBook tomorrow but it is still pretty damn cool!!!

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  1. Just back from the party?? Do tell!!!!! What was the mood? RIM have anything up its sleeve???

  2. Im gonna stay up a bit posting my reflections. Stay tuned! Keep in mind I am kind of Tipsy from having 7 BlackBerry PlayBook Cocktails.

  3. Please Hulu don’t block the Playbook! I realize that Hulu likes to block any portable and TV usage for their free service, but technically (even when the 4G playbook comes out), tablet PCs are like laptops, and last I checked they don’t block laptop usage.

  4. If Hulu ever tried to block the PlayBook, I think it would be rather trivial to write an application that could just be a browser, but identify itself as another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

  5. WOW, Ronen .. give us more!!! so jealous

  6. That would certainly be more convenient than setting up a tray table next to the TV so I can connect my laptop to get Hulu on the big screen.

  7. That my main reason I want to play – full internet. Eventually people will realize that most apps are just dumb down version of websites

  8. OK, what about Netflix? Does it work directly in the browser (doubt it since we haven’t heard about silverlight support) or any word on an app coming?

  9. Give it a few days and Hulu will block it as usual

  10. it will be blocked as soon as Hulu has an app for the Plus version

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