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Sometimes Mobile Advertisements Assume too Much…

UberTwitter Advertisement Fail


Mobile ads are coming into more and more BlackBerry apps. Its sort of a double edged sword but it gets us more free quality apps. On the other hand it sometimes makes you wonder why the app decides to show you that specific ad. I know I see many dating ads on Facebook or even BerryReview when the article discusses dating but at what point does it become too intrusive?

I am not specifically pointing out this ad but unlike website ads the advertisements in mobile apps tend to be more in your face. Let us know what you think of ad supported apps in the comments.

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  1. It is very annoying. Especially because the screen is so much smaller than your pc.

    If I really like the app I’ll buy it. Otherwise, I’ll try to find a better alternative.

  2. If it makes producers build more and better apps, it’s fine with me. So far there aren’t many ads in the apps I use but I haven’t found them that bad in the ones that do have them.

  3. Since the premise is that you test out the free version and then move up to the paid version, the ads are an annoyance but at least allow you to test the features before laying down your cash. However, if you aren’t generally inclined to pay for apps, they are just annoying. I prefer the ads that show up when you close the app rather than ads that show up while it is running. I have a few games that do that and it is much more tolerable.

  4. Well I guess if it helps pay the bills then it works. I never pay attention to the ads anyway.

  5. I prefer to pay for a app instead of getting ads.
    It’s no problem while testing apps, but if I decide to use an app daily there should be a paid ad-free alternative

  6. i tend to not use the apps that are ad intrusive

  7. SocialScope!

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